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When activated, hydromassage jets produce a continuous (not pulsating) spray of water to create a therapeutic massage effect for the muscles and skin. In some models the jets operate in unison while in other models the jets can be sequenced.
A thermostatic valve is a valve that mixes or blends hot and cold water together to a specific temperature, thus creating a constant water temperature that is safe and helps to avoid scalding.
Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts, also known as essential oils for the purpose of aiding in a persons mood, health or cognitive function. Oils can be added through the steam outlet and will be dispersed as the cabin fills with steam.
A Residual Current Device (RCD) is an electrical device connected onto the power cable before it enters the control box or steam generator. This will cut-off power to the unit if an imbalance in the live and neutral currents is detected to protect the user.
An enclosed shower cubicle that includes a steam generator that can generate heated water vapour to fill the cubicle. This is likened to a steam room but designed for a home bathroom environment.
A whirlpool bath is a tub that uses air jets, water jets or both to create swirling currents in the water to produce a therapeutic massage sensation. Water jets are operated using a pump that jets streams of water against the body while air jets typically line the bottom of the tub and blow air up through the water and against the bather.
Steam Showers - Crescent
About the Crescent (S-DV658)
Dimensions: 1420×1420×2150 (mm) | 56×56×85 (in.)
Number of Jets: 14
Internal Height: 1900mm | 75 in.
Standing as the largest single person steam shower within the Di Vapor range, the Crescent steam shower enclosure is packed with features. Fully programmable steam generator coupled with a corner whirlpool bathtub make the Crescent a complete home health spa haven.
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  • Overhead Rainfall Shower
  • Cabin Control Panel
  • Jet Foot Massage
  • Jet Intensity
  • Shower Head
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Di Vapor understands that renovating a bathroom can be a time consuming, financial investment that requires precise planning and commitment. That's why Di Vapor provides a 2 year parts guarantee as standard with all products including steam shower cabins, infrared saunas, whirlpool bathtubs and shower cabins. This guarantee covers all parts against possible manufacturing failure that could lead to unit break-downs. For added peace of mind, all Di Vapor products are checked by our quality control team before they are packaged and sent out.

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Crescent Steam Shower Enclosure (Front View)Crescent Steam Shower Enclosure (Base View)Crescent Plumbing & Electrical Installation Guidelines
  • 16AMP electrical supply required.
  • RCD fitted on power flex.
  • Fused spur/mains RCD optional.
Crescent Pre-installation Guidelines
  • Hot & cold water supply required.
  • Balanced water pressure of 2-3 BAR required.
  • Gravity fed system may require a pump to meet pressure requirements.

Steam Shower Features

The Crescent includes the following product features:
Walk in bath UK Safety Certificates
Ozone Sterilisation
Ozone sterilisation
The Crescent steam shower comes complete with ozone sterilisation or "active oxygen" which works to sterilise the cabin after every steam session. When the user has finished using the cabin, this automatic feature starts to sterilise the cabin ready for the next use.
Thermostatic Temperature Valve
Thermostatic temperature valve
The Crescent steam shower enclosure comes complete with a thermostatic temperature valve as standard ensuring that the temperature of the incoming water is regulated. This valve helps prevent any unwanted jets of scalding hot or freezing cold water catching the user off guard - A useful feature for young users.
Steam Generator with time and temperature settings
Steam generator with time and temperature settings
The Crescent steam shower enclosure comes complete with a dedicated steam generator mounted at the back of the cabin. Users can programme their desired temperature (up to 60°C) and required length of steam session with the touch of a few buttons.
Provision for Aromatherapy
Provision for aromatherapy
The Crescent steam shower takes advantage of aromatherapy oils by having our patented steam outlet fitted as standard. Simply add a few drops of your chosen aromatherapy oil to the receptacle on the steam outlet for an enhanced steam session.
Whirlpool Bath with hydro water jets
Whirlpool bath with hydro water jets
The Crescent steam shower enclosure comes complete with a full sized corner whirlpool bath for one person, complete with 6 whirlpool jets powered by a built-in water pump mounted underneath the bath. Soak the stress away with a whirlpool jet session.
FM Radio with external audio support
FM radio with external audio support
The Crescent steam cabin is fitted with a built-in FM radio, so that you may tune into your favourite station when relaxing in your private steam room. Standard memory functions allow the user to save up to 10 radio stations at any time. Utilising standard AV connections at the back of the cabin, users can also connect external audio devices such as iPods and MP3 players.
Hydro massage Body Jets
Hydro massage body jets
The Crescent steam enclosure comes complete with 3 upper body, 5 middle body, 3 lower body and 3 overhead hydro massage body jets mounted along the back piece. Being fully adjustable, these jets are perfect for relieving aches and pains across the back and shoulder area.
Overhead Monsoon Shower
Overhead monsoon shower
The Crescent enclosure comes complete with an 8 inch overhead monsoon showerhead mounted flush into the top piece. For a showering experience like no other, this feature drenches the user in a gentle flowing yet large amount of water within minutes.
Handheld Shower
Handheld shower
In addition to the overhead shower, the Crescent steam shower comes complete with a fully adjustable handheld shower on slide rail. The shower head can be removed from its holder, to help wash away any unwanted suds.
2 Sliding Doors
2 sliding doors
The Crescent steam bath comes complete with 2 tempered safety glass doors housed in aluminium framing for additional strength. A set of rail mounted fluid door rollers at the top and bottom of the doors make for an easy opening.
Overhead lighting
Overhead lighting
The Crescent enclosure comes complete with crisp white overhead lighting mounted flush into the top piece of the cabin. This feature illuminates the various chrome features inside the cabin, whilst providing additional lighting in your bathroom.
Padded Seating for One
Padded seating for one
The Crescent steam shower comes complete with a moulded seat situated at the back corner of the steam shower cabin. The acrylic seat comes complete with a removable padded seat cushion for added comfort.
Full Acrylic Construction
Full acrylic construction
Di Vapor strives to provide a high level of quality and workmanship whilst offering a competitive price tag for our customers. The Crescent steam shower enclosure is no exception, constructed from high grade acrylic reinforced with several layers of fibreglass for added strength and durability.
Circulation Fan
Circulation fan
The Crescent steam enclosure comes complete with a circulation fan mounted flush onto the back piece of the cabin. When steam begins entering the cabin from the bottom of the unit, the natural flow of fresh air from the circulation fan prevents build up at the top.
Telephone Function
Telephone function
The Crescent shower comes complete with a built in telephone receiver, making it possible to receive incoming calls and making outgoing calls. Simply make the necessary connections to an existing telephone line to activate this feature. If you'd prefer peace and quiet, you can leave this feature disconnected.
Automatic safety features & RCD
Automatic safety features & RCD
The Crescent steam shower comes complete with built-in safety features designed to protect both the user and the cabin. In the unlikely event of an electrical part failing, the cabin will automatically shutdown to prevent any damage.
Straight Forward Shower Installation
Out of the Box installation
The Crescent comes with a set of hot and cold braided hoses, ready to connect to any compatible water supply. The unit is also supplied with a trap and flexible waste water pipe. The unit also comes in "easy to manoeuvre" panels designed to go through doorways and up stairways.
Material Information:
» Fibreglass reinforced acrylic tray with flexible shower waste fittingsFibreglass Reinforced Acrylic
» Durable stainless steel pipe clips
» Stainless Steel support for the shower base
» 1-1.5mm Strengthened Aluminium Profiles.
» 6mm Tempered Fixed Safety Glass and 6mm Safety Glass Panels.
» Magnetic seal system to create a close fitting door
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Frequently bought items (add to cart) 
Aromatherapy oils (Pack of 6) - add £41.63+VAT - more info » CT1 High Grade Sealant (white) - add £12.46+VAT - more info »
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