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Shower Door Handles

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's one of those things that you'll never think about until something goes wrong with it but when your shower door handle has a problem, it's a real hassle. In this quick article, I will state the main problems that people have with shower door handles and the main fixes for those problems:

1. Shower Handle Has Come Off / Coming Loose

This will either be a very simple fix or a complete handle change. What you'll need to do is first remove the caps which are covering the screws which go through the holes in the glass shower door. Next, with care, making sure you don't thread the barrel, try to tighten the handle. If the screw keeps spinning without tightening further (or if you feel the screw tighten as you're turning it then it becomes loose when you continue turning), you have threaded the handle. You have a few options from here:

  • Keep the handle how it is (if the handle isn't too loose, you might keep it as it is)
  • Glue the shower door handle using a strong glue
  • Buy a new shower door handle

2. Shower Door Handles Rusting

It's very unfortunate if you happen to have shower door handles which begin to rust. You can use Brasso to clean the handle up. Usually the rust will come from an very small, even a pin hole size imperfection in the chrome finish of the handle, therefore, if you can seal these imperfections the rusting should stop. You could try a very small dab of nail varnish, or anything else that will seal which will not be too visible or an eye sore.

3. Buying a New Shower Door Handle

It may seem obvious but when buying a new shower door handle you will need to measure the distance between the two handle holes in your shower door. Measure from the centre of one hole to the centre of the other and that's the size of the handle you'll need. Be sure that the handle you buy is the same size as this measurement, otherwise it won't fit.

If you need a new shower door handle you can buy them here.