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Mira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic Cartridge
Mira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic CartridgeMira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic CartridgeMira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic CartridgeMira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic CartridgeMira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic CartridgeMira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic CartridgeMira 1663.114 Atom and Coda Thermostatic Cartridge

Thermostatic Cartridge for Mira Atom 1663.114 / 1744.108 Exposed Shower Bar Valves

Part Number: MIRA-1663-114

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Product description


This thermostatic cartridge is for Mira 1663.114 / 1744.108, used in Mira Atom exposed shower bar valves.

For Brand: Mira
Spare Part: Thermostatic Cartridge 1663.114 / 1744.108
Installation: Push Fit
Number of O-Rings: 3

This cartridge will fit the following models (yet not restricted to these):
- Mira Atom ERD H05B Thermostatic Bar Valve Shower Spares From 05/08 - Current Product
- Mira Atom ERD H04F Chrome Thermostatic Mixer Shower (5013181068702) From 05/08 - 05/13
- Mira Atom EV H04B Shower Mixer Bar (5013181068696) From 05/08 - Current Product
- Mira Coda Thermostatic Bar Valve (post May 2008)
- Mira Coda Plus Thermostatic Bar Valve
- Mira Apt EV 1.1878.007
- Mira Apt ERD 1.1878.008

This is a TMV2 graded thermostatic cartridge and is also WRAS approved. This cartridge will work will all water systems.

Just the thermostatic cartridge, as per the photos above is included and not the 1663.114 sheath which goes over the top of it.

Mira 1744.108 / 1663.114 Cartridge Technical Information

Cartridge Length: 103.65mm
Diameter: 34.5mm (at the widest point)
Diameter at Top O'Ring: 32.2mm
Diameter at Bottom O'Ring: 30mm
Diameter of top Spindle (which the temperature handle connects onto): 9.5mm
Number of Teeth on Handle Splindle: 24
Type: Push fit
Cartridge Material: Plastic nylon with brass spindle and Vernet France 0165 copper thermostat element
Number of O-rings: 3
Tiers of Splines: 1
Number of Gauze Filters: 2

Mira 1663.114 Troubleshooting Guide

If your Atom shower is fluctuating between hot and cold, or if the shower handle is stuck / stiff, or if there is a water flow issue, first, check to make sure that the combi boiler is feeding the shower with hot water. If the shower is receiving a steady flow of hot and cold water and you still experience these problems, it could well be the 1663.114 thermostatic cartridge is broken and replacing it could fix the problem.

Exposed shower valves, such as the Mira Atom and Mira Coda, give shower users a straightforward means to regulate water temperature. Cartridges encapsulated in its bar type housing have a lifespan spanning years. It depletes from continued usage and deteriorates faster when a greater amount of limescale accumulates in the valve or the cartridge.

To properly identify your cartridge view our thermostatic cartridge identification guide here, or contact us.

The 1663.114 thermostatic cartridge for Mira Atom and Coda shower valves can be dispatched on the same working day when ordered before 3:00 PM.

Di Vapor provides a huge selection of Mira spare parts.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mira Compatible Thermostatic Cartridge 1663.114

Q: How do I calibrate the thermostatic cartridge?
A: The Mira 1663.114 is already calibrated by the manufacturer. If you prefer the water temperature hotter or colder than 38℃ or 100.4℉, undo the valve’s thermostatic handle and remove. Turn the shower on and wait until the maximum temperature is reached. Use the handle to ¼ turn the cartridge anticlockwise. Measure the temperature using a handheld thermometer. Redo the process until you reach your preferred temperature. To reassemble the handle, make sure the temperature stop (this should be found underneath the handle) is positioned to the left of the stop found on the control shaft. This will prevent the handle from changing the calibration. Affix the cap and recheck the calibration.

Q: Why is there no hot water after replacing the cartridge?
A: Please check water pressure and see if hot water isolation valve is on and nothing is blocking water flow. Also, check if the installation. The cartridge spline must be in the correct position. To do this, swivel the thermostatic handle on to hot. Pop the handle out and partially rotate it. Secure the handle back and check if hot water is flowing.

Q: Leaking shower. Do I have to replace the cartridge?
A: This can be due to deteriorated o-rings and seals, or a cracked cartridge. The worn out parts causing the leak has to be replaced.
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