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Grohe Avensys 00798000 & 07587000 Grohe Avensys 00798000 & 07587000Grohe-0079800

Grohe Avensys 00798000 and 07587000 Piston Shuttle Slider and Wax Thermostat

Part Number: GH00798000

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Grohe 00798000 slider piston & 07587000 wax thermostat element. The wax thermostat element we use in this kit is a Vernet Element which is made in France.

This piston (Grohe 07587000) and thermostat (Grohe 00798000) is used in the following Grohe shower models:
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 042 Avensys Trad. Thermostatic Dual 1/2“ Inch Shower Valve
- Grohe Avensys Exposed Single Thermostat Mixing Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 033 Avensys Thermostatic Single Ev
- Grohe Avensys 34 222 & 34 223 Mixing Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 084 Avensys Thermostatic Dual EV
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 031 Avensys Thermostatic Dual 1/2“ Inch Shower Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 030 Avensys Thermostatic Dual 1/2“ Inch Shower Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 035 Avensys Thermostatic Single Biv
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 037 & 34 038 Avensys D08 Single Control Mixing Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 043 Avensys Trad. Thermostatic Dual 1/2 “ Inch Shower Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 044 Avensys Trad. Thermostatic Single 1/2“ Inch Shower Valve
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 083 Avensys Thermostatic Dual Biv
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 028 Avensys Thermostatic Dual Ev
- Grohe Grohmaster 34 045 Avensys Trad. Thermostatic Single 1/2“ Inch Shower Valve
- Grohe Avensys Mixing Valve 34 224 & 34 225

The Grohe Avensys spare part wax element (00798000) and piston shuttle slider (07587000) will be shipped out on the same day provided it is ordered before 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions: Grohe Avensys Spare Part 00798000 and 07587000

Q: How do I remove the wax thermostat?
A: Remove the Grohe 00798000 wax thermo-element inside the cartridge barrel by disassembling it. The procedure will depend on the type of cartridge. Spring, washers and rings will have to be taken apart. When reassembling the cartridge apply silicone grease to the parts.

Q: The shuttle slider in my shower is broken. Can I buy the slider alone?
A: Yes you can buy the Grohe 07587000. This is the link to the shuttle slider.

Wax Thermostat Element Definition and Types
Wax-contained capsules for regulating shower water temperature entered the plumbing industry. Edgar Frank devised thermostatics caused the use of wax elements in varying industries. Vernet, a company owned by the Frank family is making the capsules since 1952. Di Vapor is an official Vernet partner.

The capsules come in two forms: the flat diaphragm and push-squeeze. The difference between the two lays in how the piston is pushed by thermal expansion.

In a flat diaphragm element, copper and wax balloons as water temperature increases and presses against the capsule’s diaphragm. This, in turn, lifts the piston up. When the temperature is low, the wax contracts allowing the cartridge spring to push the piston down in the capsule. Wax thermostatic elements for shower mixer taps, such as this kit’s Grohe Avensys 00798000, is a flat diaphragm element.

This thermo-element sits on top on the Grohe 07587000.

A push-squeeze element works similarly, with the exception of an elastomer bag that provokes the piston’s movement as the wax expands or constricts. In this type of capsule, the pin is squeezed via radial force and pushed by way of axial force.

As hot and cold water enters the cartridge gauzing, the element operates to mix the right amount to generate temperature in accord with where the temperature control handle is instituted by the shower user. A tepid 38℃ (100.4℉) is a mix of hot and cold by 50/50.

This thermostat kit spare part for Grohe Avensys will be dispatched on the same day if order is made before 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
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