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CEL-001B-WAXCEL-001B-WAX Thermostatic CartridgeVADO CEL-001B-WAXVado CEL-001B-WAX Shower Valve CartridgeVado CEL-001B-WAX Valve Cartridge

VADO CEL-001B-WAX Thermostatic Cartridge for Celcius Shower Valves

Part Number: CEL-001B-WAX

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Product description


VADO CEL-001B-WAX brass screw in thermostatic cartridge. This cartridge is no longer manufactured, therefore stock is limited.

Please do not confuse this Vado cartridge with a similar cartridge which can be found here: VADO CEL-001B/B-WAX Thermostatic Cartridge.

This CEL-001B-WAX cartridge will fit the following Vado shower valves:
- Vado CEL-148B/2/SQ Celsius Concealed 2 Way Thermostatic Shower Valve with Rectangular Backplate
- Vado CEL-148B/3/SQ Celsius Concealed 3 Way Thermostatic Shower Valve with Rectangular Backplatem
- Vado CEL-148B/3/RO Celsius Concealed 3 Way Thermostatic Shower Valve with Round Backplate
- Vado CEL-148B/2/RO Celsius Concealed 2 Way Thermostatic Shower Valve with Round Backplate
- Vado CEL-128B/SQ-3/4 Celsius Concealed 3 Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve with Rectangular Backplate
- Vado CEL-001B-WAX thermostatic cartridge assembly (CEL-001B-WAX)
- VADO CEL-148, VADO CEL-128

Technical Information
  • Number of teeth on handle spindle: 24 Teeth

  • Diameter of handle spindle: 9.7mm

  • Total Length (excluding wax element protruting from the bottom): 8.3cm (83mm)

  • Width of screw in thread: 41mm

  • Number of O Rings: 3

  • Material: Brass

  • Type: Screw Fit

  • Spare Part: CEL-001B-WAX

  • The Vado CEL-001B-WAX spare part for concealed shower valves can be dispatched on the same day when ordered before 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

    The Vado thermostatic cartridge CEL-001B-WAX and its likely twin, the CEL-001B/B-WAX, are almost the same, except the CEL-001B-WAX has a slightly wider diameter by 3 mm than the other. Its spindle is shorter in length. The teeth spline count of the CEL-001B-WAX is 24 compared to the 20 found on its counterpart.

    Just like its equivalent cartridge, the Vado CEL-001B-WAX is suitable with Vado Celsius shower valves.

    Is your shower's cartridge discontinued?
    - Di Vapor provides a cartridge repair and reconditioning service.
    - If you are interested in having your cartridge repaired please contact us.

    Changing the VADO CEL-001B-WAX Thermostatic Cartridge in a Dual Handle Concealed Shower Valve

    Before starting, please make sure the drain is plugged to prevent small parts from falling in it.

    1: Turn the handle lever in a clockwise motion to remove it from the handle cover.
    2: Loosen the screw using a 2.5mm hex key to remove the handle cap.

    Repeat steps one and two for the other handle.

    3: Pull the temperature stop ring out of the top of the thermostatic cartridge.
    4: Twist the attachment rings counterclockwise to detach the faceplate.

    5: Isolate water supplies through the isolation screws located on the left and right side of the valve’s surface. To completely shut down hot and cold water supplies, use a screwdriver to tighten both isolation screws – but refrain from tightening too much.
    6: Confirm if water supply shut off is complete by placing the handle on top of the temperature control and turn in around counterclockwise till it stops. Then, turn it fully in the opposite direction. Check if water is isolated.

    7: Use a spanner to screw the old cartridge out.
    8: Clean the interior of the valve housing using a cloth or a small brush.

    9: Grease all O-rings of the replacement CEL-001B-WAX cartridge. Install it in the valve. Screw tightly using the spanner.
    10: Reopen the isolation screws and check for leaks around the cartridge.
    11: Restore the shrouds, the attachment rings, and the valve’s faceplate.

    12: Calibrate and re-calibrate the cartridge until the desired temperature, usually 38℃ (100.4℉), is reached.
    13: Replace and screw the flow cartridge handle back in place.
    14: To reinstall the temperature stop ring, ensure the stop point is facing north. This process is the same for the stop button found on the temperature handle cap. In fitting the stop ring back, make sure the splines are not moved.

    15: Reattach the cap screw and handle prong.

    We have a wide variety of Vado shower spare parts.
    - Please leave us a message or give us a call if you need assistance in determining the right spare part for your shower.

    Shower Facts: What are Concealed Shower Valves?
    As the name suggests, a concealed shower valve has its body fitted at the back of a bathroom wall. It rests inside the wall with the exception of its faceplate and control handles. This type of valve requires a 100mm (10cm) recess depth behind the shower wall. The Vado Celsius is a concealed shower valve.

    Even if the valve is hidden at the back of a shower enclosure wall, access to it does not prove to be difficult for repairs. Valve handles, together with its faceplate, can be withdrawn straightforwardly and cartridges can be replaced easily.

    Merits of a concealed shower valve as opposed to an exposed one lay in its decorative appeal: pipework is hidden out of sight and a flood of design choices are available in the market.
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