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CP0000250Crosswater GP0000250Crosswater CP0000250 CartridgeCrosswater CP0000250 Thermostatic CartridgeCrosswater CP0000250 CartridgeCP0000250 CartridgeCP0000250 Thermostatic CartridgeCrosswater CP0000250

Thermostatic Cartridge for Crosswater CP0000250 | GP0000250

Part Number: CP0000250

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Product description


You will receive the high quality original version of the cartridge, not the lower quality retrofit version which most other suppliers sell under the same code.

This is a replacement thermostatic cartridge for Crosswater CP0000250 (or the older Crosswater GP0000250 model).

The flow cartridge that goes with the CP0000250 is shower spare part number CP0000250-FLOW.

We dispatch this cartridge the same working day if ordered before 4 pm. We deliver worldwide.

Shower Spares Overview: Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge CP0000250 / GP0000250

Crosswater CP0000250 is the replacement cartridge for the older GP0000250 thermostatic cartridge. Both cartridges may look different but it can be used interchangeably. Therefore if you have a GP0000250, you can use the CP0000250 as a replacement and vice versa.

The CP0000250 Crosswater thermostatic cartridge is a threaded cartridge. It might be difficult to find the right-sized spanner to use when removing the cartridge. This is what you can do: First, unscrew the chrome casting. Next, use a 22mm box key to unscrew the cartridge.

Crosswater Cartridge Measurements
- The small top spline of the CP0000250 and GP0000250 thermostatic shower cartridge (which the thermostatic handle is connected to) has 20 teeth. The larger spline which is further down the cartridge has 45 teeth. Please see the technical diagram (fifth image in the gallery above) for more detailed information.

- Total Length: 111mm
- Width at Widest Point: 46.1mm
- Width of body at Bottom: 41.2mm
- Number of Filters: 2
- Material: Brass
- Colour: Chrome Finish

Crosswater CP0000250 Thermostatic Cartridge Compatibility

The CP0000250 Crosswater shower cartridge replacement is usually used in shower mixer models where there is a red override button.

This is a list of the Crosswater CP0000250 / GP0000250 compatible shower valves:
- Bathstore Crosswater 2000 and 2001 series

- Bathstore Quatra
- Bathstore Quatra Horizontal 3-Hole Shower Valve

- Bathstore Metro Horizontal 3 hole valve/filler KU2001C / 20004010220
- Bathstore Thermostatic Valve GX1000RC

- Crosswater Bathstore Metro KL2000RC
- Crosswater Bathstore Metro KL2001RC

- Crosswater GP0000250 / CROSS-GP0000250
- Crosswater Kusasi 3 Kai Valve

- Crosswater Metro Vertical 3 Valve

- Design Thermo Valve 3 Way

- KU1000SQC or KU2000SQC
- Kusasi signia 3/4 deck valve pair W0003310

- MC2000RC, MC2001RC Shower Valves

We provide numerous Crosswater spares in stock and ready to ship.

FAQ: Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge CP0000250 / GP0000250

Here are some of the most common questions regarding shower repair using the Crosswater CP0000250.

Q: Crosswater shower is only producing warm water. Is the CP0000250 thermostatic cartridge the problem?
A: Please ensure that the shower is receiving hot water. If it is and the water coming out of the shower is still only tepid, then the problem will be the Crosswater thermostatic cartridge CP0000250.

Q: I have just installed a brand new combination boiler (which replaced a gravity-fed conventional boiler). Now I am having trouble controlling the water temperature, where even if I turn the temperature dial to its coldest setting, still only hot water comes out of the shower. What is the problem?
A: If there are hot and cold feeds to the shower mixing valve, which are feeding both cold and hot respectively, the problem will either be a pressure issue or a Crosswater CP0000250 thermostatic shower cartridge issue.

– The shower valve will need relatively equal pressure between the hot and the cold so first check the water pressure. You can adjust this on the combi boiler or install a pressure-equalizing valve.

– If the pressure is equal then the problem will likely be the Crosswater CP0000250 or GP0000250 thermostatic cartridge. Replacing it should fix the problem.

Q: I have a pressure reducing valve, a condensing boiler with 3.5 bar pressure from the cold and 1.5 bar on the hot. The water is only coming out scalding hot. What is the problem?
A: In this scenario, it sounds like the Crosswater thermostatic cartridge CP0000250 or GP0000250 is faulty.

Q: How do I remove the thermostatic cartridge?
A: Remove the shower handle which is connected to the Crosswater CP0000250 thermostatic cartridge. Then remove the fixing plate. Use a 22mm box screw to unscrew the shower cartridge anti-clockwise.

Crosswater Thermostatic Cartridge CP0000250 / GP0000250 Simple Shower Repair Safety Guidelines and Tips

There are some factors that adversely affect the Crosswater CP0000250 which includes hard water and discrepancies (or excessive) water pressure.

Before making an effort to change a Crosswater valve’s CP0000250 thermostatic shower cartridge, here are a few things to remember to prevent wrong purchases and unnecessary injuries:

– Take the old cartridge out of the valve and measure it. You can compare the measurements you've got with those stated in the section above. And compare it with the photos of the Crosswater CP0000250 (please see the gallery). This will help you determine if this is the cartridge you need.

If you want further confirmation or need assistance in determining the correct Crosswater spare part for your shower, please send us a message or contact us on WhatsApp (07754 173340).

– It is important to shut off hot and cold water supplies. Turn the supply off direct from the mains if isolation valves cannot be located.

– Make sure you are not under any water outlet when repairing the shower.

– Block the drain to prevent small parts from falling in.

– Calibrate the Crosswater CP0000250 shower cartridge to your preferred temperature, usually to a lukewarm 38℃ or 100.4℉.
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