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F960968NU Spare Replacement
F960968NU Spare ReplacementF960968NUArmitage Shanks F960968NUArmitage Shanks F960968NU Thermostatic CartridgeF960968NU Thermostatic Cartridge

F960968NU Armitage Shanks Thermostatic Cartridge for Shower Mixer Valves Pre-2013

Part Number: F960968NU

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Product description


F960968NU Armitage Shanks Thermostatic Cartridge for Shower Mixer Valves (Trevi, Ideal Standard) for Shower Valves Used Prior to 2013.

The F960968NU cartridge is used in the following models:
- A4129AA Armitage Shanks Contour 21 single lever built-in sequential thermostatic shower valve

Ideal Standard / Armitage Shanks F960968NU General Information

Manufacturer: Ideal Standard / Armitage Shanks
Spare Part: Thermostatic Cartridge - F960968NU
Installation: Screw Fit
Number of External O-Rings: 3

This Armitage Shanks spare part is a TMV3 thermostatic cartridge by Armitage Shanks, a subsidiary of Ideal Standard UK. This cartridge takes the place of the discontinued E960575NU. It fits pre-September 2013 Contour 21 (A4129AA) thermostatic mixing valves.

The post-September 2013 version of the valve will need A962280NU.

If you want your cartridge to be repaired or reconditioned, please do check out the repair service we offer.

Technical Information: F960968NU

Cartridge Measurements:
Total Length (including bottom seal): 101.5mm
Diameter: 41.7mm

F960968NU Cartridge Replacement Instruction

Single lever shower model Contour 21 is WRAS approved, TMV3 compliant. It has a max static pressure of 10 bar. The recommended hot supply temperature ranges from 55℃ (131℉) to 65℃ (149℉). Cold water supply temperature must be kept between 5℃ (41℉) and 20℃ (68℉). Armitage Shanks thermostatic cartridge pre-September 12, 2013, F960968NU, is the replacement part for the older model of this shower unit.

1. Remove the label index button. You can use a flat tool or your fingernail to do this.
2. Use a 4mm hex key to loosen the center fixing screw to remove the lever handle. Remove the cover plate and mouldings.
3. Slip the shroud and the spindle extension out. The head of the thermostatic cartridge is now accessible.

4. Shut off the water supply through the isolating valves. This can be done by inserting a flat-head screwdriver in the isolating valve and turning it anticlockwise. If it cannot be located, switch water supply off through the main valve near the water meter.
5. Unfasten the screw-fit cartridge using a 36mm deep A/F socket spanner.
6. Check the valve for dirt or limescale. Clean it using an old, clean rug or a small brush.

7. Layer a thin coating of silicone grease on the O-rings of the new F960968NU. Slip it in the valve housing. The recommended torque to secure the cartridge in is 15Nm.

8. Open water supplies by turning a screwdriver against the isolating valves clockwise. (If the supplies was shut through the main valve, open the main valve.)
9. Adjust the temperature if desired.
10. Refit the spindle extension and the shroud. Slide the cover plate in place.
11. Reattach the lever handle and secure it with the screw. Return the label index button.
12. Test if the installation is achieved without any problems.

F960968NU Cartridge Temperature Adjustment

F960968NU is set by the manufacturer, Armitage Shanks, at 40±1°C at a 3 bar pressure.

1. Remove the label index button and undo the center fixing screw. Open the shower mixer to the maximum position before taking out the handle.
2. Withdraw the cover plate, the mouldings, the shroud, and the grey-coloured spindle extension.
3. Slide out the anticlockwise temperature stop ring off the spindle.
4. Set the lever handle atop the spindle. Turn it anticlockwise for a hotter temperature and clockwise for a cooler temperature.
5. Once a maximum of 40℃ (104℉) to 41℃ (105.8℉) is established, slip the temperature stop ring on the cartridge. Make sure the “stop” of the ring sits at the initial point of the anticlockwise rotation.
6. Return the removed parts to assemble the valve handle. (Follow steps 1 and 2 backwards.)

What is a TMV3 Scheme?
TMV3 compliant shower mixers and thermostatic cartridges can stop water flow in 1.5 seconds in the event of water supply failure for the safety of bathers and showerers. It is mostly used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and in hotels.

Regulatory parameters for TMV3 are overseen by the National Health Service and other non-governmental organizations. Shower mixers and its corresponding parts are tested by third-party inspectors.

Ideal Standard / Armitage Shanks F960968NU can be shipped fast, same day dispatch, provided it is ordered on a weekday before the 3:00 PM cutoff time.
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