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Armitage Shanks A962280NU Markwik Thermostatic Cartridge
Armitage Shanks A962280NU Markwik Thermostatic CartridgeMarkwik Thermostatic CartridgeArmitage Shanks Thermostatic CartridgeArmitage Shanks Markwik Thermostatic CartridgeArmitage-Shanks-A962280NU Thermostatic CartridgeAmerican Ideal Standard A962280NU Thermostatic CartridgeA962280NUA962280NU Thermostatic CartridgeA962280NU Markwik Thermostatic Shower Valve CartridgeTrevi A962280NU Thermostatic CartridgeArmitage Shanks A962280NU

Armitage Shanks A962280NU Markwik Thermostatic Cartridge | Contour 21 | Trevi | Ideal Standard | TMV3

Part Number: A962280NU

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A962280NU Armitage Shanks (Genuine) Thermostatic Cartridge for Markwik and Contour 21 Mixers. The A962280NU may also be used under the Trevi and Ideal Standard / American Standard brands. The cartridge is TMV3 which means it meets NHS and healthcare requirements.

We deliver this cartridge worldwide.

Shower Spare Part Overview: Armitage Shanks Thermostatic Cartridge A962280NU

Armitage Shanks A962280NU is a TMV3 thermostatic cartridge. The dimensions and technical information of the cartridge are as follows.

Total Length: 101.5mm
Max Diameter: 41.7mm
Width of top black spline (which temperature handle connects onto): 19.8mm
Fixing Nut: 35.5mm

Number of Spline Tiers: 1
Cartridge Material: Brass and Plastic Polymer
Number of O-Rings: 3 (brown o'rings)

Colour: Orange, yellow, brown, black, brass, silver.
Installation Type: Screw fit installation (cartridge is threaded).
TMV Scheme Rating: TMV3

As Ideal Standard / Armitage Shanks thermostatic cartridge A962280NU is so sensitive it is often used in Hotels and Healthcare applications as it meets TMV3 standards.

The A962280NU is also sold in a pack of ten cartridges.

A962280NU Shower Compatibility

A962280NU Thermostatic Cartridge is used in the following shower mixers and valves:

- Fits into range of Armitage Shanks HBN 00-10/HTM64 Thermostatic Mixers
- Armitage Shanks Markwik 21 Sequential Lever Operated Thermostatic Mixers

- (A4129AA) Contour 21 Built-in Sequential Shower Mixer
- (A4135AA) Contour 21 Wall Mounted Thermostatic Bath Filler

- (A4553AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Panel Mounted Mixer Tap
- (A4554AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Panel Mounted Mixer Tap
- (A4555AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Timed Flow, Proximity Operated Thermostatic Panel Mounted Mixer Tap

- (A4803AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Deck Mounted Mixer Tap Lever Operated Seq

- (A6060AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Panel Mounted Mixer (demountable) with Armitage Bioguard outlet
- (A6061AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Proximity Panel Mounted Mixer Tap (demountable) with Armitage Bioguard outlet
- (A6062AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Timed Flow Proximity Panel Mounted Mixer Tap (demountable) with Armitage Bioguard outlet
- (A6063AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik Deck Mounted Mixer Tap (demountable) with Armitage Bioguard outlet

- (A6242AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik deck mounted mixer (demountable) with removable spout & Armitage Bioguard outlet
- (A6243AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik panel mounted mixer (demountable) with removable spout & Armitage Bioguard outlet
- (A6244AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik panel mounted mixer, sensor operated – proximity (demountable) with removable spout & Armitage Bioguard outlet
- (A6245AA) Armitage Shanks Markwik panel mounted mixer, sensor operated – timed flow (demountable) with removable spout & Armitage Bioguard outlet

Want to be sure if the A962280NU is the cartridge you need?
- Head on to our Find a Part page. Di Vapor's spares experts will determine the specific spare part you need.

Frequently Asked Questions: A962280NU Armitage Shanks Markwik Thermostatic Cartridge

Difficulty adjusting water temperature, leaks and poor rate of water flow are some of the signs the Armitage Shanks A962280NU is in its last legs. Please read below for additional information regarding this shower spare part.

Question: My Markwik Contour 21 Mixer is only running at a super-hot temperature. There is no cold. Is this an issue regarding the A962280NU thermostatic cartridge?
Answer: Unless you can determine that your cold pipe is experiencing a blockage, then yes, the issue is with the Markwik Contour 21 A962280NU thermostatic cartridge. This sounds like the cartridge has stopped working and is not doing its job of combining the hot and cold water and thereby must be replaced.

Question: I am experiencing a water leak from the temperature control handle knobs. Is this due to the Armitage Shanks A962280NU thermostatic cartridge?
Answer: Yes, this is a problem related to the A962280NU thermostatic cartridge. If the Armitage Shanks valve itself has not deteriorated where the cartridge sits, getting a replacement thermostatic cartridge should fix this issue. If replacing the thermostatic cartridge does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the hot or cold valves, as the leak could be coming from there instead.

Question: With my 10-year-old Armitage Shanks Mixer that uses the A962280NU cartridge. I have found that I am only able to change the temperature of my water by decreasing or increasing the amount of water flowing from the cold and hot taps. Do I need a new thermostatic cartridge?
Answer: If you cannot naturally adjust the water by simply turning the handles, you do indeed need a new A962280NU thermostatic cartridge.

Question: The only water that I am getting out of my tap is lukewarm. Why is this?
Answer: To determine if the problem lies with the thermostatic cartridge, in this case, begin by removing the cartridge and turning on both the cold and the hot taps. If the water flow is good, then it is likely an issue with the Ideal Standard / Armitage Shanks A962280NU thermostatic cartridge which means it will need to be replaced.

Question: What are the main symptoms of a faulty thermostatic cartridge and what do I do to fix them?
Answer: Three of the main, most common issues that show up as a result of a broken Armitage Shanks A962280NU thermostatic cartridge include:

- The water flow is very low or inconsistent.
- The water temperature fluctuates, or the water temperature is either only hot or cold.
- The temperature handle is hard or impossible to turn.

To fix these issues, your best bet is going to be to just replace the cartridge altogether as this is likely to solve the above issues.

Question: I have recently installed my new combination boiler to replace the only gravity-fed boiler I used to have. Ever since then, I have been experiencing issues with control of the temperature of the water. For instance, even if I turn the dial to the coldest that it can go, only hot water is being produced. Why is this?
Answer: This could be either a A962280NU thermostatic cartridge problem or pressure issue. To find out, first ensure that both hot and cold water is being fed into the mixing valve.

- Once this has been checked out, see if it is an issue with the pressure by adjusting the pressure on the combination boiler, or by installing a pressure-equalizing valve.

- If you determine that the pressure is fine, the issue will likely be one with the Armitage Shanks A962280NU. Replacing it completely will remedy this issue.

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