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Brass Screw Thermostatic Cartridge
Brass Screw Thermostatic CartridgeThermostatic CartridgeThermostatic Cartridge 120mm (12cm)Universal Thermostatic CartridgeThermostatic Cartridge Brass ScrewThermostatic Cartridge Universal

Brass Screw Thermostatic Cartridge


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Solid brass thermostatic cartridge which is used in exposed and concealed shower mixer valves.

Brass Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Technical Details

Having the right spare part is vital for accomplishing a successful shower repair. The information provided will help you empirically verify if this replacement brass screw thermostatic cartridge is the part you need.

Remove the faulty brass thermostatic cartridge from the shower valve, measure it (a simple ruler can be used) and compare the measurements taken with those listed below. Keep in mind that this particular shower spare part is a threaded cartridge.

- Cartridge Total Length: 119.2mm (i.e. 11.92cm). This could be measured as 120mm or 12cm if not using callipers.
- Diameter At Widest Metal Point: 47.6mm
- Number of O Rings: 4
- Material: Brass
- Type: Screw in (screws into the shower valve and has a thread on top of the cartridge which allows a fixing nut or plate to connect onto).
- Gauze Filters: 2
- Number or Teeth: 24
- Diameter of toothed spindle which the temperature control handle connects onto: 9.4mm (0.94cm)
- Distance from nut part on cartridge to top of spindle head: 30.9mm

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Frequently Asked Questions: Brass Thermostatic Cartridge

After years of use a brass thermostatic cartridge can begin to wear out. The inability to regulate temperature, inadequate flow rate and drips are among the signs the shower cartridge requires replacement.

Question: Which way does the brass cartridge unscrew from the shower valve?
Answer: To extract the brass screw thermostatic cartridge you will need to turn the cartridge anticlockwise. It's preferable to use a box spanner as this will hold onto the cartridge more firmly, especially if the cartridge has seized up with limescale within the valve. If you are still finding it difficult to turn, try tapping the spanner with a hammer. The sudden jolts can help loosen the cartridge.

Question: Will soaking the brass thermostatic cartridge in a de-scaler fix the temperature problems in the shower?
Answer: Soaking the brass thermostatic cartridge in a descaler may help in some situations to get the cartridge working, but this is often a temporary solution which doesn't usually last for more than a couple of months. Once the cartridge has got to the point where it has stopped working, damage to the inside of the cartridge has already begun therefore the only real long term solution is to replace the cartridge.

Question: When I turn the shower on it takes a long time to get hot and then the temperature keeps spiking up and down. Is the problem with the brass cartridge or is it something else?
Answer: First you will need to check whether there is a steady constant flow of hot and cold water reaching the shower from the boiler. If there is, then you should check whether any gunk or debris is blocking the cartridge gauzing as this can block water flow, affecting showering performance.

Should the above point be in order then we would think the problem is a faulty cartridge. Replacing the brass thermostatic cartridge should get your shower back up and running again.

For purchases made before 3 PM, the brass screw thermostatic cartridge will be dispatched on the same working day (Monday - Friday).

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