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A963067NU A963067NUTrevi A963067NU Ideal Standard

Trevi A963067NU Therm 84mm Spindle Gear Box Cogs Assembly (Includes 2 Gears and Spindle Gear) - Ideal Standard

Part Number: A963067NU

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A963067NU Ideal Standard / Trevi Therm 84mm Spindle Gear Box Assembly (Includes 2 Gears).

- 2 cog gears which measure 34.8mm in diameter and 6mm in thickness
- 1 spindle with cog gear. The total length of the spindle is 95.4mm and the total diameter of the gear is 17.9mm

Used in Trevi Therm valves, usually in conjunction with:

- Trevi A952501NU11 Cold Side Flow Cartridge.
- S960134NU Ideal Standard Trevi Thermostatic Cartridge.
- A953957NU11 Ideal Standard / Trevi Temperature Adjustment Carrier.

Brand: Trevi by Ideal Standard
Spare Part: Gearbox Assembly (A963067NU) with Cogs and Spindle

The A963067NU is compatible with Trevi made shower valves from 1997 onwards:
- Trevi Boost Exposed E9105AA
- Trevi Traditional Mk1 Built-In
- Trevi Outline Built-in A3700
- Trevi Boost Mk 1 Built-in E9005AA
- Trevi Therm MK1 Built-In 300 thermostatic
- Trevi Therm MK1 Exposed 310
- Trevi Therm MK2 Built-In A3000
- Trevi therm MK2 Exposed Shower Valve

This Trevi A963067NU Therm Gearbox Cogs and Spindle Assembly is available for dispatched on the same working day when purchased before 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

*Valves manufactured before 1997 often use a spindle shorter than this spare part’s 95.4mm long spindle, so, it is not advisable to use for older shower models.

Replacing the Trevi A963067NU Thermostat Gear Assembly
Before deconstructing a shower valve to change its gears and spindle, please do remember to shut off the water supply lines to the shower and test if isolation is completely achieved. Also, plug the drain to prevent any small hardware from accidentally falling into it.

1: Remove the valve faceplate.
2: Pop out the decorative indicator to reveal the control knob’s screw. Unscrew and pull the handle off.
3: Unscrew and remove the valve’s main plate.

4: Pull out the protective shroud. Then withdraw the washer.
5: The tip of the spindle can now be seen. Undo the screws and remove the part covering the spindle to reveal the full spindle and the two gears.

6: Pull the spindle out. As you loosen the screws holding the gears in place, take extra care not to shift the position of the gears. Lift the gears out.
7: Fit the new Trevi A963067NU gears and tighten the screws. Then turn each gear anticlockwise. Set the new Trevi A963067NU spindle in place. Spin the spindle clockwise and anticlockwise and see if both gears move accordingly.

8: To reconstruct the shower valve: screw back the part covering the spindle, put the washer back and push in the protective shroud, reattach the valve’s main plate, put the control knob back and screw it in place, slip the valve’s faceplate back, and restore the decorative indicator button.

Spare Part Fact: What is a Thermostat Gear and Spindle?
A thermostatic shower valve, similar to Trevi Therm Built-In shower valves, is fitted with two gears and a spindle that makes for a smooth turning of the control knob. If the turning of the handle becomes stiff or if the tap leaks, deterioration of the gears or spindle might be one of the root causes.
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