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3/4 3/4Shower Cartridge

3/4" Ceramic Disc Tap Cartridge (1/4 Turn, Clockwise Close) - 53mm Height

Part Number: 8287800

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Product description


3/4" Ceramic Disc Tap Cartridge (Quarter Turn, Clockwise Close) - 53mm Height. This cartridge is used in shower valves and tap valves.

Spare Part: Flow Cartridge for 3/4 BSP
Installation: Screw Fit
Material: Brass with Ceramic Core

Technical Information: Ceramic Disc Tap Cartridge Replacement
Please check the second image above for a complete illustration of cartridge specifications.

Cartridge Measurements (Approximate):
Total Length (including bottom seal): 53mm
Diameter at Widest Point: 28.8mm
Nut Height: 4.8mm
Top Spline Diameter: 6.65mm to 7.65mm
Top Spline Teeth / Notches: 20
Bottom Seal Colour: Blue
Open Direction: Anticlockwise
Close Direction: Clockwise Close

The hot side (red) equivalent of this flow cartridge can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions: 3/4 Inch Ceramic Disc Quarter Turn Tap Cartridge
Question: Can this cartridge fit in my tap?
Answer: Different taps have different measurements. You can contact us and send us a clear photograph of the cartridge. We will be happy to assist you in identifying the right cartridge for your tap.

If you wish for your old cartridge to be repaired or reconditioned please refer to this page.

Question: How do I change a ceramic tap cartridge?
Answer: The answer to your question will depend on the bath tap you have. The general procedure is to use an Allen key to remove the tap handle. Remove the parts underneath the handle and undo the screw-fit cartridge with a spanner. Fit the new ceramic disc replacement cartridge and then proceed to reassemble the parts.

Question: There is no hot water since replacing the cartridge.
Answer: There are a number of reasons for lack of hot water supply. If you have just replaced your cartridge, check if your hot water supply is on or if it has enough pressure. Check the hot water inlet or filters and make sure it is not blocked. You can also adjust your temperature limiter and calibrate the cartridge.

Question: Why is the water flow on my tap weak?
Answer: Insufficient water flow can be caused by either by a lack of water pressure or something is blocking it leading to a bottleneck. See if the pressure of your hot and cold water supplies is adequate using a water pressure gauge. If the pressure is enough, take a look at your cartridge as sediments may have calcified clogging your cartridge.

Question: The cartridge won’t move when I try to get it out.
Answer: A screw-in cartridge has threads. It is necessary to use an adjustable spanner to undo the cartridge. Clutch the spanner on the nut of the cartridge and turn it anticlockwise to remove. The cartridge might be fastened on the valve with a grub screw. Use a correct size Allen key to undo the grub screw and remove the cartridge.

Calcification will jam the cartridge in the bath tap valve. You can gently tap the sides of the valve to see if the sediment will loosen. If it won’t come loose, use WD40.

Question: How long does a cartridge last?
Answer: A ceramic disc cartridge can endure some years of everyday use. However, some factors can affect its longevity such as a high hard water level, an excessive water pressure, and in some cases, corrosion.
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