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Type 12 Thermostatic Cartridge Type 12 Thermostatic Cartridge

Type 12 Thermostatic Cartridge

Part Number: TYPE-12-CART

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Product description


Type 12 thermostatic cartridge.

- Push fit installation, fixed in place with a grub screw.
- Total length 92mm
- O-ring diameters approx: 30mm, 32mm, 33mm (fromt bottom to top)
- 100% compatible with Insignia, Bathtek and Aqualusso steam showers.

The type 12 thermostatic cartridge is generally very reliable however over time the cartridge can start to deteriorate to the point where normal shower functionality and operation fails. Replacing the cartridge will likely solve any water temperature problems you're having with your shower or steam shower.

The cartridge may look slightly different than other Type 12's however it is the exact same size and 100% compatible.

Please note that there may be slight pressure marks on the temperature control stop spindle where the cartridge has been tightened. The cartridge is brand new.

Common Questions about the Type 12 Thermostatic Cartridge

The Type 12 thermostatic cartridge is the replacement part used in various steam showers. It is important to note that this cartridge is non-threaded. A grub screw is used to keep it securely in the valve. Please send us a message if you have further queries about spare part compatibility.

Question: How do I replace a Type 12 thermostatic cartridge?
Answer: It will depend on which steam shower you have. This is the general Type 12 thermostatic cartridge replacement procedure:

Isolate the water supplies and pressure to the steam shower prior to dismantling the valve. You can close the mains if isolation valves cannot be found.

– A retaining screw is usually found on the underside of the handle. It can be hidden under a screw cover cap. Pop out the cap to access the screw and loosen it. Typically, the Allen key size that does the job is 2.5mm.

– If there is a temperature disc dial remove the part.

– Remove the temperature stop ring. Before removing it please be aware of where the “stop” points are pointed; it is typically at a 12:00 position but see to it if this applies to your steam shower. Pull out or turn the temperature stop ring in the anti-clockwise direction to remove it. (Put the stop ring back in the same position during reassembly.)

– Look for the cartridge’s grub screw and remove the screw. The broken cartridge should pull out.

– Slide the replacement Type 12 thermostatic cartridge in the valve and reassemble the parts removed.

– Open water supplies and check if the installation of the Type 12 cartridge is a success.

Question: I will be purchasing the Type 12 thermostatic cartridge and I also need a soothing scent for the steam shower cabin. Do you have any recommendations?
Answer: If you want an extra nice scent added to your steam showering experience, you can try the Sauna Eucalyptus Milk Essence concentrate. It smells of relaxing eucalyptus. The steam plus the scent is soothing especially to those with sinus congestion. It can be added through the cabin’s automatic feed system.

Question: What are the signs the Type 12 shower cartridge needs to be replaced?
Answer: Leaks or weak water flow and temperature adjustment related problems are some of the indications the Type 12 thermostatic cartridge needs a replacement.

Question: I have a ColorSpa shower is this the right cartridge?
Answer: Yes, some Colorspa showers use a Type 12.

Question: Some parts are hard to remove.
Answer: When changing the steam shower’s Type 12 thermostatic cartridge, dirt and scale can collect on valve parts such as the under the handle, around the stop ring and/or on the barrel of the cartridge. You can spray a loosening agent on the affected part and leave it for a few hours or overnight.

Purchase the Type 12 thermostatic cartridge before 3:00 PM (weekday) and it will be despatch on the same day so that you can get your steam shower functions back to normal.

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