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Dornbracht 09150206590 Thermostatic Cartridge (3/4 Inch)Dornbracht 09150206590 Thermostatic Cartridge (3/4 Inch)Dornbracht 09150206590

Dornbracht 09150206590 Thermostatic Cartridge (3/4 Inch) - DORN-09150206590

Part Number: DORN-09150206590

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Product description


Dornbracht 09150206590 Thermostatic Cartridge (3/4 Inch)

Dornbracht 09150206590 Thermostatic Cartridge General Information

Brand: Dornbracht
Spare Part: 3/4 inch Thermostat Cartridge 09150206590
Installation: Screw In
Material: Brass
Number of External O-Ring: 3
Number of Guazing: 2

This Dornbracht shower spare part is an xTOOL thermostatic cartridge compatible with product numbers:
– 35 516 970 90 xTOOL Concealed Thermostat Module without Volume Control 3/4 inch
– 35 517 970 90
– 35 526 970 90 xTOOL Thermostat Module with 2 Valves 3/4 inch
– 35 527 970 90
– 35 536 970 90
– 35 537 970 90
– 35 546 970 90 xTOOL Concealed Thermostat Module 3 valves

Dornbracht part number 09304001090 is the corresponding temperature handle.

The xTOOL thermostatic cartridge can be shipped fast – next day delivery option – if it is ordered from Mondays to Fridays until 3:00 PM.

Is the Dornbracht 09150206590 the Thermostatic Cartrodge Spare for Your Shower

Identifying the right replacement part for your Dornbracht rough-in valve is key to fixing a problematic shower. Most cartridges are stamped with an ID number on the barrel. If there is no identification number on the cartridge, taking its measurements or sending a photo of it to your spare part supplier can help you know which cartridge spare part is suitable for your valve.

You can drop us a message if you need help in identifying the correct cartridge before your purchase.

Measuring a Shower Cartridge
Cartridges are housed in either a 1/2 inch or a 3/4 inch valve. Dornbracht 09150206590 fits in a 3/4 inch xTOOL shower valve. Measure the overall length of the cartridge, its diameter and nut height, and count the number of grooves on the spline head. This information will determine if the cartridge is the correct piece for your thermostatic shower.

Aside from the 09150206590, we carry various Dornbracht spare parts.

Common Dornbracht 09150206590 Thermostatic Cartridge Issues

A clogged Dornbracht 09150206590 cartridge, temperature regulation failure, and leaks are the usual problems befalling the shower spare part. A clogged cartridge is the ramification of high hard water levels. The minerals tend to block the cartridge gauzing. Unsteady water temperature is a symptom of trouble with temperature regulation. Water dripping while the tap is switched off signals a crack in the cartridge or a broken O-ring.

Please check out our Thermostatic Cartridge Guide for more information.

How a Dornbracht 09150206590 Shower Thermostatic Cartridge Operates

Hot water is drawn from a storage tank to a thermostatic shower mixer. The cartridge, like the Dornbracht 09150206590, then mixes it with cold water to produce the temperature set by the shower user through the valve handle. A wax thermostat element, or thermo core, is found in the heart of the cartridge body. As water enters the gauzing, the Thermo core detects hot and cold temperatures. The pin rises and falls as the wax expands and contracts.

Cartridges can control water temperature with a variable of 1℃ or 2℃.
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