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Vado CEL-RETROFIT/DIV Diverter Cartridge for Celsius | Notion | Soho | Nuance | Life | Mix | Origins Shower Valves


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Product description


Please note that the plastic colour now comes in black instead of green from the manufacturer.

This is a green Vado CEL-RETROFIT/DIV 4 way / function diverter cartridge which replaces the old CEL001fb/div cartridge and is used across a number of Vado shower mixer valve ranges. The cartridge will often have the markings KCG.

This Vado cartridge is used on the following Vado shower mixer valves:
  • CEL-148C/2: Celsius 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter with round backplate

  • CEL-148C/3: Celsius 3-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter with round backplate

  • NOT-148C/2: Notion 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • NOT-148C/3: Notion 3-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • NUA-148C/2: Nuance 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • LIF-148C/2: Life 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • LIF-148C/3: Life wall mounted concealed thermostatic valve

  • MIX-148C/2: Mix 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • MIX-148C/3: Mix 3 wall mounted concealed thermostatic valve

  • ORI-148C/2: Origins 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • SOH-148C/2: Soho 2-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverte

  • SOH-148C/3: Soho 3-way wall mounted concealed valve with integrated diverter

  • Length: 92mm

  • Total Spindle length (the entire brass part you can see in the photo): 55mm

  • Length of spline with teeth: 10mm

  • Width of spline with teeth: 7.8mm

  • Body height: (28.7)

  • Body diameter at black o'ring: 6mm

  • Fitting the Vado Replacement Diverter Cartridge in a Recessed Shower Mixer Valve
    The Vado CEL-RETROFIT/DIV is the replacement diverter cartridge for the company’s two- and three-way shower valves. This green coloured version is the replacement for the discontinued blue CEL-001F/B-DIV.

    Some safety measures to take prior to commencing the repair are listed on the last section of this page.

    1. There are different ways to remove the handle:
    Vado Celsius – Undo the grub screws (found under the cap) that secures the handle in place.
    Turn the temperature handle prong anticlockwise to access the grub screw. Loosen it to remove the handle.
    Vado Notion – Undo the grub screw on the side of the handle cap.
    Vado Mix – Unfasten the grub screws located under the handle cap.

    2. Remove the temperature stop ring and the retaining rings. Lift the faceplate out.

    3. Use a 41mm box spanner to unscrew the diverter cap. Prise the old diverter cartridge out of the valve. Clean the valve to eliminate dirt and mineral debris.

    4. Grease the side and bottom O-rings of the replacement Vado CEL-RETROFIT/DIV using your fingers. This procedure will protect the seals from abrasion prolonging its life.

    5. Install the diverter cartridge in the valve housing. Make sure the locating pins at the bottom of the cartridge are aligned with the corresponding holes in the valve. Apply adequate pressure against the cartridge as you push it in the valve.

    6. Put the diverter cap back and secure it in position using a box spanner.

    7. Restore the faceplate, retaining rings, temperature stop ring, and the valve handle.

    Safety Precautions to Take Before Attempting to Change the Vado CEL-RETROFIT/DIV
    - Isolate hot and cold water supplies. This can be done by tightening the isolation screws clockwise until it comes to a stop (do not over-tighten). Water can also be shut off direct from the mains.

    - Plug or seal the drain to prevent small parts from tumbling in.
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