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DXD SDP 1500T DXD SDP 1500TDXD SDP 1500T HeaterDXD SDP 1500T Hot Tub HeaterDXD SDP 1500T Water Heater

DXD SDP 1500A 1.5kW Flow Water Heater for Hot Tub | Spa | Whirlpool Bath | Pool

Part Number: SDP-1500T
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Product description


This is a DXD SDP 1500 A replacement inline water heater for hot tubs, spas, swimming pools and whirlpool baths. If you have a DXD SDP 1500T water heater then replacing your broken heater with this one is a simple process.

Technical Details for the DXD SDP 1500T Flow Water Heater
Model: DXD SDP-1500 A
Voltage: 220 Volts to 240 Volts AC
Hertz: 50/60 Hz
Power: 1.5KW
Horse Power: 2 HP
Plumbing Fitting Connector: There is a reducing fitting which screws into the existing fitting on the heater. The fitting which is a part of the heater is 62.5mm (2.457" inches). The reducer takes this down to a 40mm (1.575" inches) push fit female union tail piece connector.

- This heater should be used for a whirlpool bath, hot tub, spa and swimming pools. It is easy to install and easy to operate.
- The heater should be connected into the water circulation system within the unit that its being installed into. Make sure there is connection is tight and that there isn't any water leaking from this connection. Once the connection has been made, before turning the unit on, make sure there is water in the hot tub, swimming pool etc.
- The temperature of the water will be controlled automatically. If you need to adjust the water temperature you can do this with the control panel which is on your hot tub (if it has this feature).
- The heaters' power cable should be grounded and the main power should have a leakage protector installed.
- The heater cable should be fixed in a dry place to avoid electrical leakage.

The DXD SDP 1500T flow water heater can be used on any hot tub or whirlpool bath as all it requires is a power source.

Attached to the heater is a 1.5 meter power cable with a British plug at the end. If you don't require a plug or are from a different nation and need a different plug, this can easily be cut off an rewired.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How does a hot tub heater work?
Answer: The water heater is connected to the water circulation system of the hot tub, and is installed at a point between two pipes where water flows through the heater. As water is pumped around the hot tub spa, it will pass through the water heater which has a hot element in it which will heat the water as is passes through. This is why this type of heater is sometimes called a thru or a through water heater.

Usage Warnings
- The heater should not be turned on when there is no water present in the unit in which it's being installed.
- Only professionally qualified personnel should open the body of the water heater. Electric shocks are a real risk and those who aren't qualified should seek a professional.
- The heater needs to be grounded properly with a copper wire that is at least 1mm in thickness.
- The heater needs to be connected with the pipes of the water circulation system within the hot tub / spa / swimming pool, or connected to the inlet or outlet of the water circulation pump, making sure that the water is flowing in the direction indicated on the heater.
- The water heater needs to be installed horizontally and be fixed firmly.
- Use appropriate PVC glue to connect the pipe with the heater union connector to avoid future water leaks.
- When in operation, the unit will become very hot and therefore please don't touch any metal parts of this unit while it is in operation.
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