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Thermostatic Cartridge Service Kit
Thermostatic Cartridge Service KitTriton 83312810Triton 83312810 CartridgeTriton 83312810 Cartridge ReplacementTriton 83312810 Service Kit CartridgeTriton 83312810 Service KitTriton 83312810 Thermostatic Cartridge8331281083312810 CartridgeAmala Thermostatic CartridgeBellisimo Thermostatic CartridgeDart 3 Thermostatic CartridgeSentiment Thermostatic Cartridge

Triton 83312810 Thermostatic Cartridge Service Kit for Dart 3 | Amala | Aisha | Alpha | Bea | Mersey | Bellisimo | Camastra | Favara | Mana | Verne | Sentiment

Part Number: 83312810

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Triton 83312810 thermostatic cartridge Service Kit

Triton Thermostatic Cartridge 83312810 Compatibility

The Triton 83312810 cartridge is used in a number of different Triton shower mixers including:

- Triton Aisha Concentric Built-in Thermostatic Mixer Valve
- Triton Alpha Concentric Thermostatic Mixer Shower
- Triton Amala Concentric Thermostatic Mixer Valve

- Triton Bea Concentric Mixer Shower
- Triton Bellisimo Concentric Exposed Mixer Shower

- Triton Camastra Concentric Exposed Thermostatic Mixer Valve
- Triton Concentric Built-in Thermostatic Mixer Shower
- Triton Concentric Dual Control Exposed Thermostatic Mixer Shower

- Triton Dart III Mixer Shower (Triton Dart 3 Mixer Shower)
- Triton Dart Concentric Exposed Thermostatic Mixer Valve with Fixed Showerhead
- Triton Dart Eco

- Triton Elina Concentric Built-in Thermostatic Mixer Shower
- Triton Elina Exposed Mixer Shower

- Triton Favara Concentric Built-in Thermostatic Mixer Valve

- Triton Hart Concentric Thermostatic Mixer Shower

- Triton Mana Concentric Thermostatic Mixer Shower
- Triton Mersey Built-In Shower Mixer
- Triton Mersey Concentric Built-In Thermostatic Mixer Valve with Flexi Head
- Triton Mersey Concentric Exposed Thermostatic Mixer with Fixed Head
- Triton Mersey Concentric Exposed Thermostatic Mixer with Flexi Head
- Triton Mersey Exposed Shower Mixer

- Triton Sentiment Thermostatic Mixer Shower

- Triton Verne Concentric Exposed Thermostatic Mixer Shower

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Frequently Asked Questions: 83312810 Triton Dart 3 / Amala / Mersey Concentric Valve Shower Cartridge

Question - There is a large nut which is at the front of the 83312810 cartridge assembly which needs to be removed to take the thermo cart out, however, the nut won't turn? Which way does it turn and how can I get it open?
Answer - We'd suggest the following if you can't get the nut off the front of the shower.
- Step 1: Spray the nut with a loosening agent such as WD-40 and then leave it for as long as you can (i.e. a day, with a few more applications of WD-40.)

You will need to turn the nut anti-clockwise. Usually, if the nut is seized and won't turn it is more effective to tap the spanner with a hammer. This tapping applies more focused energy into the turning of the nut as opposed to trying to turn it with all your strength and is obviously a lot safer because there is the chance of injury if the spanner slips off the now slippery nut (please make sure that the spanner you use has a perfect fit). If this doesn't work, try Step 2.

- Step 2: This is more of an unconventional method that may help to loosen the nut. Get a hair drier, put it on a hot setting and blow onto the nut. This will cause the nut to expand and hopefully cause the nut to loosen. The concept behind this is that the nut, having less volume than the main body of the Triton 83312810 thermostatic cartridge will expand quicker and separate the threads. Again, try the tapping method mentioned above when the nut is hot.

Question - The shower temperature keeps getting hot and cold even though the temperature handle hasn't been adjusted?
Answer - First, ensure that the shower is receiving a constant feed of hot water. If it is then the problem will most likely be a thermostatic cartridge failure, which means you'll have to replace the cartridge.

Replacing the cartridge with a new 83312810 should fix the temperature issue.

Question - Can I buy a seal kit for the Triton 83312810 cartridge?
Answer - Unfortunately, Triton doesn't supply a seal kit for the 83312810 cartridge. The only option is to replace the entire cartridge.

Question - I have an old type concealed concentric valve that is leaking. Will changing the cartridge fix the leak?
Answer - The seal on the 83312810 cartridge have probably deteriorated therefore replacing the cartridge should fix the leak.
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