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Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic Shower Valve Cartridge Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic Shower Valve CartridgeThermostatic CartridgeShower Valve CartridgeThermostatic Shower Valve Cartridge

Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic Shower Valve Cartridge

Part Number: TS1503-CT

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Product description


Sirrus TS 1503 Thermostatic Shower Valve Cartridge. Includes wax thermostat.

Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic Cartridge Measurements and Other Information

Approximate measurements:
Total length: 103.2mm (10.32cm)
Cartridge diameter: 44.3mm (4.43cm)

Other information:
Number of O-rings: 4
Material: Brass

The Sirrus TS1503 shower spares includes:
– Cartridge housing
– Wax thermostat element
– Piston shuttle
– Spring
– O-ring
– Silicone grease
– Fitting tool

Should you need a shower or tap spare part identification help, please reach us through our Find a Part service. Our very friendly in-house UK spares experts will gladly assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic Cartridge Shower Spare

Question: The Sirrus TS1503 shower thermostatic cartridge is stuck in the valve. What should I do?
Answer: This is due to the hardening of hard water residue. It can be softened using a loosening agent such as WD-40.

You can also use a hair dryer, set it on the hottest setting and point it on the valve where the Sirrus shower spare is. The heat will expand the metal parts and hopefully break the calcified residue.

Question: What replacement parts go with this Sirrus shower spare?
Answer: This is the list of some Sirrus shower spares for the TS1503:

Seal kit
Wax thermo-element
Oval concealing plate

Question: Will replacing the thermostatic cartridge prevent the Sirrus Opac TS1503 from automatically shutting down?
Answer: This Sirrus shower spare has an automatic shut-off as an anti-scald function. See that there are no blockages on the cold water supply preventing cold water from reaching the shower valve. If the supply line is okay, there might be a problem with the Sirrus thermostatic shower TS1503 valve cartridge.

Question: How do I calibrate this replacement shower valve cartridge?
Answer: The Sirrus shower cartridge for the TS1503 can be calibrated by:

– Insert a flat-blade screwdriver in the centre of the spindle.
– Turn the screwdriver clockwise to decrease the temperature.
– Turn the screwdriver anti-clockwise to increase the temperature.

Replacing the Sirrus TS1503 Thermostatic Shower Cartridge

Please be sure to close / isolate water supply lines before starting the Sirrus TS1503 shower cartridge replacement. And also, plug the shower drain to prevent parts from falling in.

1. Remove the decorative indice. You can use a flat-blade screwdriver (be careful to not mark the shower valve’s finish), any blunt tool, or your fingernail to do this.

2. Undo the spindle screw and remove the tiny O-ring. Make sure to keep the small parts safe. If you have the recessed valve remove the concealing plate.

3. The retaining ring can be removed by pulling the sleeve part out.

4. Use a spanner to remove the head part.

5. All the valve's assembly parts can now be withdrawn up until the spring.

6. Assemble the replacement TS1503 thermostatic cartridge. And apply silicone grease on all the O-rings. Slip the cartridge assembly in the shower valve.

7. Reassemble the parts that were removed to reconstruct the valve.

We supply many Sirrus shower spares that are in-stock, ready to make your shower repair successful. Please check it out must you need more spare parts.
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