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SKIT 100 008 SKIT 100 008Reliance SKIT-100-008 Thermostatic Cartridge ValveReliance SKIT 100 008 Thermostatic Cartridge

Reliance SKIT 100 008 Sequential Caremix Thermostatic Cartridge SKIT100008 for Ceramix T3, S3 & H3 Taps

Part Number: SKIT-100-008

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Reliance SKIT 100 008 Sequential Caremix Thermostatic Cartridge SKIT100008 for Ceramix T3, S3 & H3 Taps (also SKIT 100 000).

This Reliance Water Controls thermostatic cartridge is the new style and is TMV3 approved.

Other codes used may include: 112402, LAB433, SKIT100008

Reliance SKIT 100 008 Thermostatic Cartridge Replacement Guide

This is the Reliance SKIT 100 008 cartridge fitting procedure for the Ceramix T3, S3 and H3. The cartridge and the taps are TMV3 approved. Shut off water supplies to the tap before starting the repair.

1. Flick out the Reliance tap indice which is on top of the handle. You can use a flat-head screwdriver, a blunt tool or your fingernail to do this. Take extra care not to scratch the tap’s surface when using a screwdriver. The retaining screw can now be accessed.

2. Use a 4mm Allen key to remove the retaining screw. Lift the handle to remove it.

3. Undo the thread of the faulty cartridge by using an A/F deep socket or spanner. Turn the tool anti-clockwise to remove the cartridge.

4. Apply silicone lubricant on the O-rings of the replacement SKIT 100 008 Reliance thermostatic cartridge and insert it in the tap valve. (Please scroll to the last section below for the available plumber’s grease.)

5. Secure the thread with the A/F deep socket tool and reassemble the tap handle.

Frequently Asked Questions: Reliance SKIT 100 008 Sequential Caremix Thermostatic Cartridge

Question: When should the Reliance Caremix cartridge be replaced?
Answer: The tap might require a replacement Reliance SKIT 100 008 when:

– The tap is dripping.
– Water temperature fluctuates without adjusting it.
– A stiff to rotate tap handle.

Question: Can this be used as a replacement cartridge for showers?
Answer: This genuine Reliance cartridge SKIT 100 008 is for T3, S3 and H3 Ceramix taps. We carry many Reliance thermostatic cartridges for showers.

Need help in spare part identification? Please contact us. We will be more than glad to respond to your queries the quickest we can. *Messages received during the weekend will be responded to on Monday.

Question: Our Ceramix tap only gives lukewarm water. Must the SKIT100008 Reliance Caremix thermostatic cartridge be replaced?
Answer: Check first if the hot and cold water supply pipes are without any blockage. If both pipes are clear and water is flowing normally, then a worn-out cartridge might be the cause.
A replacement SKIT 100 008 will get your tap’s temperature-regulating function back to normal.

Question: What does a TMV approval mean?
Answer: The Ceramix taps and the Reliance SKIT 100 008 cartridge are TMV3 accredited. This means the tap and spare parts met the safety standards issued by the National Health Service (NHS) and other independent organizations. A TMV3 tap will automatically shut off water supply in 1.5 seconds in the event of water pressure failure. This safety mechanism protects the shower user from accidental scalding or thermal shock. Hence, valves of this kind are mostly used in hospitals and care home settings.

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