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A963068NU Thermostatic Cartridge
A963068NU Thermostatic CartridgeIdeal Standard A963068NU Thermostatic CartridgeTrevi A963068NUTrevi Therm A963068NU Thermostatic CartridgeA963068NU

A963068NU Trevi Therm Ideal Standard Thermostatic Cartridge (Pre 1998)

Part Number: A963068NU

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Product description


A963068NU Trevitherm Ideal Standard Thermostatic Cartridge

The A963068NU is used in Ideal Standard / Trevi Trevitherm shower mixer valves prior to 1998.

(Genuine Ideal Standard Part).

Manufacturer: Trevi / Ideal Standard
Spare Part: Thermostatic Cartridge - A963068NU
Installation: Screw-In
Material: Brass
Number of External O-Ring: 3
Number of Guazing: 2

A963068NU is the Ideal Standard spare part for Trevi Therm shower valves produced before 1998. It has three outer washer rings that prevent water leaks. Two water inlets filter incoming water from sand, grit, and sediments. It has a head hex nut measuring 28mm, ideal for the grip of a spanner.

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Shower Cartridge Replacement Process: Ideal Standard Trevi Therm A963068NU

Trevi / Ideal Standard A963068NU, though not made to last forever, can endure continuous use. However, in less than perfect water conditions, it may wear out earlier than intended. Leaks, unstable water temperature and water flow can be symptoms of a faulty thermostatic cartridge.

Always remember to switch off water supplies. This is to avoid injuries coming from an accidental hot or cold water flow. Plug your drain to keep small parts safe.

- Remove the insert caps and undo the screws on both handles. Remove the securing rings and cover plate.

- Next, remove the cover sleeve and the temperature control mechanism.

- Unscrew the faulty A963068NU (unscrews anti-clockwise) thermostatic cartridge and extract it from its seat. The nut on the cartridge is 23.8mm, therefore you'll need a 24mm spanner. If the cartridge is recessed into the wall, a box spanner may be needed.

- Apply a small amount of silicone grease to the o-rings of the new Ideal Standard and Trevi A963068NU cartridge. Install it in the valve and return all the parts to assemble the valve.

How the Ideal Standard A963068NU Works

A963068NU is an example of a thermostatic cartridge. The shower valve part mixes water from hot and cold supply pipes to generate temperature consistent with the preference of a shower user. This is due to the wax thermostatic element. The pin on the wax element, through an external spring, moves up and down as hot and cold water enters the cartridge.

Most cartridges are manufacturer calibrated to easily produce a baseline temperature of 38℃ (100.4℉), preempting burns or cold shock, keeping shower users safe.

Ideal Standard spare part A963068NU is eligible for same-day dispatch if ordered before 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Something Interesting: Shower Mixers and Thermostatic Cartridges
In the past, lacking a definitive heating system, taking a hot shower used to involve manually bringing jugs of water into a shower room and pouring it over themselves to bathe. But by 1880, Thomas Campbell, a man residing in a Canadian port, patented his invention called a mixer tap. This tap type integrates pressure balance to blend cold and hot water to attain a human-friendly temperature.

Come 1934, Sergius Vernet presented the wax thermostatic element. Initially created for the automobile industry, the apparatus eventually made it into the plumbing industry.

The two inventions go hand-in-hand, laying the groundwork for the practical and functional shower mixer as we now know it. Vernet’s invention sits in the heart of a thermostatic cartridge. And the thermostatic cartridge sits in Campbell’s mixer bath tap.
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