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23.51.HF Thermostatic Cartridge for Cifial Shower Mixer Valves 23.51.HF Thermostatic Cartridge for Cifial Shower Mixer Valves

Thermostatic Cartridge for Cifial 23.51.HF

Part Number: CIFIAL-23-51-HF

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Product description


Spare Part: Universal Thermostatic Cartridge compatible with Cifial 23.51.HF

This is a thermostatic cartridge which can be used to replace the Cifial 23.51.HF Universal thermostatic cartridge which is used in Cifial 289.717.999 Universal 3/4" Thermostatic Control Valve Rough-In Valve, Cifial 289.715.999 Universal 3/4" Thermostatic Control Valve Rough-In Valve (w/Shutoff Stops), Cifial THERMOSTATIC ROUGH IN VALVE 289.714.999.

Product: 3/4" Thermostatic Cartridge
Installation: Screw In
Material: Brass

This Thermostatic Cartridge 23.51.HF for various Cifial shower mixers and rough-in valves can be dispatched on the same day when ordered before 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Need to be sure the thermostatic cartridge you will buy is the correct one for your shower?
- Please contact us with a photo of your old cartridge. We will get back to you with a match of the shower spare part you need.

Frequently Asked Questions: 23.51.HF Thermostatic Cartridge

Q: Is there a difference between a cartridge and a valve?
A: A cartridge is set in place inside a valve unit which is called a thermostatic mixer or a shower valve. But some use the terms interchangeably.

Q: What are the signs a cartridge will need to be replaced?
A: Among the indicators your 23.51.HF Cifial shower mixer cartridge might need a new replacement are temperature regulating failure, limescale residue accumulation, or cartridge wear-and-tear deterioration.

Q: Do I need to apply silicone lubricant on the O-rings of the shower cartridge?
A: Greasing the O-rings of the 23.51.HF will help it properly seal with the valve. This is why it has to be greased prior to installation. (Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see our selection of silicone grease.)

General Tips Before Changing a 23.51.HF Cifial Shower Mixer Thermostatic Cartridge

In preparing a “do-it-yourself” cartridge replacement attempt, precautions must be undertaken. Simple safety parameters will proactively preempt any unnecessary injuries or accidents from occurring. Listed below are a few tips to consider before going through the process of cartridge replacement.

Never forget to switch off – or isolate – cold water and hot water supply lines before starting. Also make sure that you or any part of your body is away from water outlets when checking if supply line isolation is achieved. This is to prevent scalding or shock perchance of water delivery.

Extract the cartridge from the valve it sits in. Take a photo of it or measure it. If unsure of which is the right replacement part, take the information to your spare part provider and ask for information.

Plug the drain prior to disassembling the valve. This ensures that none of the small pieces will fall into the drain inadvertently.

Always remember to calibrate and re-calibrate the cartridge in accord with your temperature preference.

Shower Facts: How a Thermostatic Cartridge Functions
A thermostatic cartridge, such as the 23.51.HF for Cifial shower, contains a small thermostatic wax element that makes converting mechanical energy into heat energy possible. The mechanism was first introduced in automobile manufacturing. Eventually, it entered the plumbing industry as a means to regulate shower water temperature.

Water Temperatures and Legionella
Water systems found in majority of the houses from across Europe heats and stores water with temperatures ranging from 60℃ (140℉) to 65℃ (149℉). Cold water storage tanks store water at temperatures between 15℃ (59℉) and 10℃ (50℉).

It is crucial to maintain the right coldness and hotness of water as Legionella bacteria proliferates in a watery environment when the temperature is about 25℃ (77℉) and 42.2℃ (108°F). Thermostatic cartridges prevent inducing burns or thermal shock to a shower user by mixing the variable hot and cold temperatures by half and half to produce a tepid 38℃ (100.4℉). Simultaneous to this, the temperature is kept static in pipes holding hot and cold water preventing the growth of the bacteria.

Inner Workings of a 23.51.HF Cartridge for Cifial Shower Mixer Valves
The wax element encased inside a thermostatic cartridge contains a mix of wax and copper. The compound expands when water is hot and contracts when water is cold. The pin or piston in the wax element rises and falls as the wax “breathes” due to thermal expansion. The tiny contraption sitting within a cartridge generally moderates water flow temperature by roughly more or less 2℃ or 35.6℉.
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