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DXD 2A Water Pump
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DXD 2A 1.10kW 1.5HP Water Pump for Hot Tub | Spa | Whirlpool Bath

Part Number: DXD-2A

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Product description


This is a DXD 2 A motor water pump which is used on hot tubs, pools and whirlpool baths. This is a suitable replacement for DXD model 2 A pumps.

The pump comes with two white union connectors (measurements below), which can be seen in product images.

DXD 2A Pump Technical Information

Diameter of the Female Pump Union Connector That Connects to the Water Pump: 55.5mm / 2.185" inches (2 and 3/16" inches)
Diameter of the Two Threaded Connectors on the Pump: 62.5mm / 2.46" inches (2 and 29/64" inches)

Horse Power (HP): 1.5 HP
Power: 1.1 kW (or 1100 watts)
Volts: 230V / 50 Hz
Protection Grade: IP 55
Maximum Lift (i.e. the maximum height the pump can pump water to): 13.0 metres
Impeller Rotation Speed (RPM): 2850
Maximum Water Flow (Litres Per Minute): 333
Insulation Class: B
Gross Weight: 10.0 kg
Pump Union Connector: 2 1/2" inch to 2" inch connector (click here to see further information on this pump union)

Can be used in a swimming pool as well as a spa.

We deliver the DXD 2A pump worldwide.

How to Select the Best DXD Water Pump for Your Hot Tub

A water pump, such as the DXD 2A, warms water up and pushes it across the entire tub, spa system, even a swimming pool.

When looking for a replacement water pump, there are details on the label of your old pump indicating the size, horsepower, voltage, water temperature, the high- and low-speed capacity of the unit, and certification. This information is useful in helping you pick the correct water pump suitable for your rest, recreation, or therapy tub.

For those who are looking for a pump as a new addition to their pool or tub, there are a few things to consider which includes the plumbing system, horsepower adequate for the tub, voltage, frame size, and price point.

Plumbing System and Horsepower
The design and capacity of the plumbing system existing in your home is important when choosing which is the best water pump for your tub. Water pumps are available in 3/4 horsepower (HP) to 5 HP. The power provided by the pumps must be within the capacity of the plumbing system. The machine’s capacity can do harm to your plumbing system if it is too powerful for the size of the pipes. It can give rise to water leakage.

DXD 2A is a 1.5HP pump.

The plug, socket type, and voltage must correspond to those in your home. Homes in the UK have a standard voltage of 230V 50Hz. DXD 2A is a 230V water pump.

A pump’s external casing comes in a 48 frame size or a 56 frame size. Bolting slots – used to bolt the pump in place – determine the size of the frame: 48 frame size has approximately minus four inches distance between the slots and a 56 frame size has more than four inches distance between the slots.

Water pump pricing varies, depending on the unit specifications. You can check out DXD range water pumps and their prices here.
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