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Diverter Cartridge
Diverter CartridgeVictoria Plumb Diverter CartridgeDiverter Cartridge100mm Diverter CartridgeTwo Way Diverter Cartridge

100mm Two Way Diverter Cartridge for Victoria Plum Shower Valves - Cream Version

Part Number: VICT-DIV2

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Product description


Two Way Diverter Cartridge for Victoria Plum Shower Valves. Used in Victoria Plumb Alexa VP06 Shower Valves amongst other models.

Victoria Plum Shower Cartridge Details

Technical Information
Total Length: 100mm (10cm)
Diameter of Main Barrel: 40mm (4cm)
Distance Between Locating Pins (centre to centre): 22mm (2.2cm)
Length of Barrel Body (Including Locating Pins): 50mm (5cm)
Spindle Length: 60mm (6cm)

Other information:
Spare Part: Two Way Shower Diverter Cartridge
Installation: Push Fit
Number of External O-Ring: 3
Models Used In: Cubic as well as others

Please note the colour may vary with the latest manufacturing version. The latest version is cream and has what appears to be 4 outlets at the bottom, with 2 blocked off. This is correct.

As the name suggests, a shower diverter diverts water from a bathtub tap to a showerhead. A cartridge is held inside a diverter housing. The diverter cartridge redirects outbound water to a different water outlet (tap or showerhead). This shower cartridge is Victoria Plum compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions: Victoria Plum Shower Cartridge Compatible 2-Way Diverter

Q: How to remove a diverter cartridge?
A: It will depend on your valve. Generally, the indicator cap, handle, and diverter sleeve must be removed. Use a spanner to pull the diverter cartridge out.

We provide many kinds of diverter cartridge shower spare parts.

Troubleshooting a Victoria Plum Shower Diverter Cartridge

After using the shower, it is recommended to redirect water flow back to the tap for a few seconds prior to turning it off. This will lessen diverter-related fatigue and prolong the life of the part.

Leaks are the most frequent problem for taps, and at the same time, for diverters. If water starts to drip from the tap spout when using the showerhead, it often signals a problem. O-rings or washers in a diverter cartridge may have deteriorated. On the other hand, the diverter cartridge may have acquired some damage.

Small leaks that are ignored will worsen with time.

Diverter cartridges that fail to shift water from spout to shower is a symptom of a faulty cartridge. The solution is to change the cartridge.

Having trouble finding the correct shower diverter cartridge?
- Please leave us a message with a photo of the old cartridge. We will find the spare part you need.

Three Types of Diverters
There are three kinds of diverter: a tee diverter, a two-valve, and a three-valve.

1. A tee shower diverter, located at the base of a tap, is the simplest of the types. Water is diverted through the use of an “arm” or a “plunger”. Lifting this part will transfer water flow from the tap to the shower; pushing it back down will do the opposite.

2. The next type is a two-valve diverter with cartridge. It is located under the knob of one of the valve’s two handles or it may be found right in the middle of a single-handle tap. Rotating the handle shifts water flow from one outlet to another.

3. The last type is a three-valve shower diverter which also houses a cartridge. It operates similarly to a two-valve diverter, except for the number of control handle. In this kind, there are three handles: one handle is for hot water, another for cold, and the other for the diverter.

Measuring a total of ten centimeters in length, this Victoria Plum shower cartridge replacement 2-way diverter is ready to be fitted in shower valves.

The Two Way Shower Diverter Cartridge for Victoria Plum will be shipped out on the same day when purchase is made before 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
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