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Bronze age sauna discovered.

A newly discovered roundhouse and sauna has been discovered on a Cumbria Farm in Somerset England: March 2009.

The roundhouse measured 56 feet (17) in diameter, which was one of the largest roundhouses to be unearthed in Britain, and is estimated to be an impressive 3,000 years old.
Archaeologists uncovering the site found a large mound of burned stones, which suggests a sauna may have once stood there. A wide range of Roman artefacts were also found including shears, brooches, three Iron Age spearheads, loom weights, vast amounts of pottery and two skeletons.

Steven Membury, a historic environment officer at Somerset County Council, said: “We think the site began about 2,500 BC with ritual use around a spring where the burned stones were found”

“The idea that the stone indicate ‘sweat houses’ is just one theory”

We can tell that the huge roundhouse burned down but we think we have one surviving post which we will be able to carbon date”

For the full story, please visit the following link: Bronze Age Sauna