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Top grooming tips – One for the guys!

Keeping yourself looking trim and tidy has plenty of benefits, from making you feel better psychologically, to the obvious benefit of being taken seriously or physically attracted to by others. Many of us live very hectic lifestyles often not finding any “me” time, but it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to spend time on yourself. It’ll do wonders for your being both long term and short term! Who knows, if you’re single and looking you may find it increases your chances almost ten fold.

Good grooming requires a good shaving kit!

Good grooming requires a good shaving kit!

Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top grooming tips:

Vegatables are your friend – It may seem an obvious card to pull, but in addition to all the vitamins and minerals, vegetables such as spinich, swiss chard and kale are packed with chlorophyll – a natural deodorant for the body. Munching on raw organic carrots can also help to keep your teeth looking clean and healthy.

After the shower is best – When you jump out of the shower or bath, your skin will be moist and more susceptible to absortion. Apply deodorants or antiperspirants at this time to ensure that the active ingredients have the best affect. Be sure to stick to alcohol free options to ensure that you don’t dry out your skin.

Look after your razors – If you find yourself constantly buying new razors for the morning shave, it may be worth introducing a small containers of mineral oil to your medical cabinet. The oil helps to stop the oxidation process that dull the edges, eventually rendering them useless. Be sure to clean the blade properly before use!

Go for the natural soothe – It may odd at first, but if your skin is easily irritated during or after a shave, try rubbing a small amount of olive oil into the affected area. If you do this before shaving, you’ll find that it helps the blade run smoothly across the skin.

Time running out? – If you need to make that meeting, or you’re late for a friend with no time to jump in the shower, here’s one that’s worked for everyone at the Healthy Hideout. Take a sink full of clean warm water and add four to five tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, mixing throughly. Soak a clean flannel and rub yourself down before drying. It may seem desperate, but when time is of the essence it can be a lifesaver.

Keep Hydrated – It’s been mentioned plenty of times on the Healthy Hideout, but keeping your water intake regular can have a positive effect on how your skin looks. For more information, head over to our previous post “How much water should I drink a day?”

Reducing Shaving Rash

Shaving in the morning is not one of my most pleasurable experiences.  It’s not like when I was young, where my wispy thin facial hair would be chopped off as though it wasn’t even there.  My facial hair is rough, thick and it’s a real pain to shave it; in both senses of the word.

If you were like me when you were younger you couldn’t wait to shave.  I was 14; the kids at school kept saying, ‘you should shave’, so one day I approached my father and asked him to show me how to shave.  It was exciting; he sat me down on a chair in the kitchen, lathered up the shaving foams and rubbed it into my skin.  At this point I only needed to shave the hair above my upper lip.  In three swift swipes I was done!

I remember my older sister standing there saying, ‘Are you sure you want to start shaving now? Because once you start, you have to keep doing it; it’s a hassle’.  I disregarded her comments and proceeded with glee.  How right she was.  Now I find shaving painful, especially on my neck.  I get red rashes which can also have an odd spot.  Even with a brand new top of the market blade, it still irritates and hurts me when shaving.

I was in my steam shower a number of years ago.  I usually start the steam, let it warm up for 10 minutes, then relax in there with the steam for about 20 minutes before having a shower.  My 20 minutes had passed and I decided to have a shave.  I lathered the shaving gel into my my face and neck and then began to shave.  The shave felt the same as when I was 14 years old, where the razor glided effortlessly through my hair and caused pretty much no irritation.  I was over the moon and since that point I have only shaved in the steam shower.  So if you’re like me and you have sensitive skin, it will seem like steam showers have been designed just for you and your shaving comfort.  Lovely!

Do you remember your first shaving experience?