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Recycling water can save you money!

It’s interesting to think that approximately 30% of the water we use goes down the toilet. Wouldn’t it be great if we could re-use the water from our showers, baths, sinks and cleaning for the flush? Thanks to BRAC Systems a solution is available for all households. Using state of the art technology, specialist filters take used water from your shower, bath, or washing machine and then reuses it in the toilets flushing system.

Foreign particles are filtered from the water making it usable just like normal water, but its designed to be used strictly for your toilet or garden hose! It’s nice to think that you could re-use the same water over and over again without having to pay each time! On top of that, you’ll be helping the environment by using less water in your household!

See how you could save money on your water bill by heading over to BRAC systems today – http://www.bracsystems.com/ – Systems start at just £900!

Home Improvement Getting Greener.

It’s a well known fact that the environment has become an important, key issue in today’s modern society. People are recycling more, driving more eco-friendly cars and turning TVs off standby. This ‘eco-fever’ is passing over to the home improvement sector, with consumers considering the environment when purchasing that new kitchen or bathroom. 

A recent survey carried out by the KBSA showed the following:

  • 25% stated that their buying decision would be effected by the retailer’s environmental policies.
  • 41% stated that energy ratings of appliances is a very important factor when purchasing such products.
  • 37% stated is was important that wood used by manufacturers was obtained from sustainable sources. 

It seems that more and more of us are considering our planet before deciding on final plans for our homes.

Give yourselves a pat on the back!