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10 ways to unwind this Christmas!

As the Christmas period starts to swing into full flow, our lives will start to become increasingly busier, often forgetting that our bodies and minds need time to stop, unwind and relax.

Relax this festive season!

Relax this festive season!

We know that the Christmas shopping needs to be done, family visits need to be organised and penciled into the diary, and Christmas menus need to be planned.  Why not try a few of the Healthy Hideout’s top 10 ways to unwind this festive month;

  1. Have some quiet time – Before continuing with anything after arriving home from the office, be sure to spend at least 5 minutes sitting in a quiet place to relax your mind. Close your eyes and breath deeply during this time. It will allow your mind to empty the stress of the working day.
  2. Make the work commute fun – Enjoy this time by yourself in the car or on the train doing something you enjoy. Why not try taking your favourite novel to work and reading through a few chapters, or perhaps listen to a few of your favourite musical numbers. You could even throw in a few Christmas classics for good measure!
  3. Write things down – If you have too many things on your mind, or are trying to juggle too many tasks, grab a pen and notepad and start to jot things down. Give yourself a quick time frame for each task, and then work through them one step at a time. There’s simply no point in trying to remember 100 things at once!
  4. Tidy your home – Clutter around the house can quickly become overwhelming, and can often make you feel like you’re out of control. Take a few minutes each day to tidy away any mess, and try to keep on top of general cleaning bit by bit.
  5. Leave work, at work – Try to avoid bringing any work from the office to your home. Mixing your working life with the comforts of your home can quickly become stressful. If you must bring work home, try to limit yourself to just a few nights a week.
  6. Drop it at the front door – Get yourself a container or box large enough to hold your work bag or office brief case and place it next to the front door. When you get in from work, put it all in the box and don’t touch it until the next working day.
  7. Take a bath – The bathroom is often one room in the house with a catch or lock on the door. Run yourself a nice hot bath, lock the door and escape for at least 1 hour. It’ll do wonders for your stress.
  8. Spread your chores – Try not to pack all your “must-do” chores into a single evening. Try doing the laundry one evening, followed by Christmas shopping the next night. Spreading the load makes it easier to handle.
  9. Recognise the ritual – Set yourself a standard “start to the evening” that you’ll look forward to at the end of each day. Even if it’s something as simple as a cup of tea at the dining table. At this point, you know your evening has officially begun.
  10. Play it loud – Playing enjoyable fun music throughout your home, lifts both you and your families spirits! A few sing-along Christmas carols can’t hurt now can they?

With these tips, you’ll find the uncountable stress of Christmas becoming easier to manage. Remember this is the season to be jolly, and Christmas is meant to be enjoyed. How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Is your Christmas tree up yet?