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Milk, Bread and a Plumber!?

Supermarket giant Tesco revealed today plans to move into the Home Repairs sector within the UK, providing services ranging from plumbers and builders to double glaziers and pest control specialists. The trial is currently underway at the superstore based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Tesco Home Services - Coming to a store near you!

Tesco Home Services - Coming to a store near you!

Proclaimed under a new banner reading “Tesco Home Services,” Tescos have teamed up with local tradesmen within the local area who must pass an application process before being listed. Customers can then pick up services directly from the store or ring a central phone line. Work is then shared between traders via Tesco, with the supermarket taking a fee in the process.

Rob Brown, home services director claimed “We are giving our customers the confidence that what they will receive will be good value and reliable.”  One builder already working with the scheme stated “This a good way for us to broaden our customer base.”

But not everyone is seeing the positive side. “How can a local plumber or builder hope to offer any competition to the marketing weight of Tesco?” said one spokesman.

Tesco have insisted that the concept is still in the testing phase, but has admitted that it could be rolled out nationally if it proves to be a success.

So in the near future, you may find your next shopping list looks something like this:

  • Milk
  • 6 x eggs
  • 1 x loaf of bread
  • 6 x Apples
  • Bricklayer for the extension
  • 6 x Bananas

What’s your opinion?

Find a trader today!

If you’re looking for a particular trader to help you along with some of your home improvement plans, a good place to start is the Free Index. To find plumbers, plasterers, builders and architects alike try heading over to this online directory, which also features other services such as home removals, solicitors, shower installers and even estate agents. The method used on the site is fairly straightforward but very effective at the same time. You can get five traders to quote on a job that you may have available by filling in an online form. You can then follow up with a review after the work is completed.  The site itself doesn’t have reviews for every trader on their database, but more are being added each day.

A useful section on the site is the “Materials” section, which works in a similar way to getting quotes. For example, if you’re looking for someone to provide bathroom equipment and furniture, you can see each company in your area compiled in a neat list complete with any reviews if they have them, and photographs of past projects that they have worked on. If you’re a trader looking for work, there is a job directory section on there too.


IPHE moves to Royal Charter

Upgrading our homes heating systems, or installing new bathroom suites we all know is a task best left to the professionals. There is a sense of weariness about bringing a trader into the equation with popular TV shows such as ‘Rogue Traders‘ teaching us to be aware of the fallacious con men that crawl our communities. Finding a trustworthy, qualified individual can sometimes be a difficult task, but thanks to the CIPHE it’s a little easier for the rest of us.


Chartered status has been awarded to the CIPHE, the professional body for plumbing and heating, by the Privy council for their contribution to the health and safety of the public and the environment. Their website www.ciphe.org.uk provides an invaluable service in which members of the public can type in their postcode to find their nearest qualified engineer.

So if your planning to change your water system, or even install a new shower, consider finding a trader one less thing to do on your list.