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Cosy Spa Haven at Home!

I think you’ll agree that the bathroom is one of the places you can truly escape the stress of everyday life, and with multiple options becoming widely available and affordable it may be easier than you think to achieve true rest and relaxation. The bathroom is one room in the house that tends to have a lock on the door, and allows you to keep the outside world at arms length.

The most luxurious hotels and day spa retreats provide us with endless inspiration from beautiful whirlpool baths, real wood saunas and steam rooms geared to promote a true feeling of relaxation and well being. However, when it comes to deciding on your own home spa it is important to consider what you prefer the sensation of first. Do you prefer the relaxation provided by swirling water from body massage jets and bubbles or do you prefer to sweat it out in a sauna?

Be sure to allocate your space as simply and effectively as possible. Layouts that are warm, clutter-free and enclosed are best suited for true mind and body restoration rather than an open plan environment. So rather than spending your budget on knocking down structural walls and creating too much work, concentrate on a designated area and start creating your own cosy spa haven.

Log onto www.divapor.com to the full range of steam rooms, hydromassage whirlpool baths, and infrared saunas. With sizes and designs to suit all, you simply won’t be disappointed.

Source: Utopia Kitchens & Bathrooms – November 2009

Flawless floors – Tips for bathroom flooring

When designing a complete bathroom renovation it’s important to choose the correct materials for your floor and walls – Here are a few things to consider before you buy.

Tiles are by far the most practical solution, as they are easy to clean and can withstand the damp steam filled environment a bathroom can produce. With many different sizes and styles now available there is something to suit all needs from working within a tight budget, to achieving ultimate 5-star hotel luxury.

For that classic spa look, working with natural materials such as stone or slate is highly recommended. Tiling the walls and floor with the same design will offer a more streamlined look.

If spacing is limited and your bathroom is compact, it is better to choose the largest tile you can afford. A larger designed tile will visibly stretch the space, making the room appear larger and less cluttered.

For maximum glamour, try to utilise highly reflective mosaic tiles along with ultra-chic metallics. As you can imagine luxury like this does not come cheap, so if you can’t do all the walls in your bathroom consider using them on a feature wall or in an alcove to add extra glitz.

Planning your bathroom? Here are 7 top tips!

There are 7 key areas that you must address before starting your bathroom renovation. By planning ahead, you can save yourself both time and prevent many costly mistakes that may occur in the long run.

  1. Get the location perfect – Where is your bathroom currently located? Is it in the best place for the rest of the home? If not, now may be the best time to relocate. For example, it may be beneficial to move the bathroom from downstairs to upstairs or vice versa. Remember, this is your bathroom, so design the space to fit the features you want it to have, such as a walk-in shower enclosure or whirlpool bath.
  2. Is that the best price? – If you’re working with a limited budget, you don’t have to buy all your sanitaryware from the same supplier, or with the same brand. It’s useful to stick with the colour white as this will broaden your options, and be sure to check out your local bathroom discount warehouses and online retailers. Mix and match different installations to achieve the look you’re after at the best possible cost.
  3. Check your water supply – The performance of your water system will determine the outcome of water pressure within your new bathroom installation. There is no point in upgrading your bathroom without first checking that your water system will be up to the task. If your home currently has a gravity fed system, it may be an idea to check with your plumber to see if a pressurised system can be installed, so that you’re meeting a standard demand of 3 BAR (measure of water pressure). If an upgrade isn’t an option, then look towards electrical pump installations to give you that extra boost in pressure.
  4. Turn on the lights! – Imaginative lighting can make a big difference to your finished look – Don’t just settle for a single centre mounted light bulb. Experiment with spot lights on key features, such as the bath, with dimmer controls to create a real relaxing atmosphere. Low-voltage down-lights with directional fittings can provide clean bright lighting to create a spacious feel within your bathroom. Avoid pointing lights onto mirrors, and be sure to check that all your lights meet building regulations (IPX ratings etc).
  5. Consider your heating – The ideal option for bathrooms is underfloor heating, as it’s concealed and it can make a tiled or stone floor a lot more comfortable. Alternatively, you could incorporate hot water pipes between joists which can be added to your current central heating system (you will need a mixer valve to control the extra flow). Electric UFH mats laid within the tile adhesive are also another option. Towel rails are a no brainer – easy installation with maximum benefit both practically and cosmetically.
  6. Enough ventilation? – If you don’t consider ventilation properly in the early stages of development, your newly installed bathroom will quickly become victim to mould, and unavoidable musty smells. An electric powered extractor fan mounted into a top corner is the best option, and and can be vented straight outside or up through a ceiling. Some fans can be activated by movement or humidity level, but the common method of operation is incorporating it into your light switch.
  7. Optimise your layout – Having a shower, wash basin and WC is fine for a second bathroom or en suite, but a family bathroom needs to have a bath. Don’t try to cram too much into your new layout and try and stick to minimum practical working distances around each facility. WC’s for instance, require 45cm either side of the centre. Without spending too much cash, try using a computer program to help you decide on a layout. Google SketchUp (sketchup.google.com) is a great place to start.

So what are you waiting for? Get planning!

Source: Real Homes Magazine – June 2009

Labour MP puts Sauna on expenses!

The latest addition to the MP’s expenses fiasco shows how one politician utilised the taxpayer’s money to install a sauna in his home. The unknown MP, who is thought to be a senior Labour figure, claimed for the sauna to help with a current skin condition that required regular sauna sessions. It has been stated that this new discovery is bound to trigger a fresh storm in how MP’s are abusing the £24,006 second home allowance.

Many Ministers fear an uproar of unjustified claims will be uncovered once MP’s are to declare all expenses receipts this summer.  It is believed that such embarassment could cause a number of members to quit in order to avoid further scrutiny.

For the full article, please visit the following link: www.telegraph.co.uk

Bronze age sauna discovered.

A newly discovered roundhouse and sauna has been discovered on a Cumbria Farm in Somerset England: March 2009.

The roundhouse measured 56 feet (17) in diameter, which was one of the largest roundhouses to be unearthed in Britain, and is estimated to be an impressive 3,000 years old.
Archaeologists uncovering the site found a large mound of burned stones, which suggests a sauna may have once stood there. A wide range of Roman artefacts were also found including shears, brooches, three Iron Age spearheads, loom weights, vast amounts of pottery and two skeletons.

Steven Membury, a historic environment officer at Somerset County Council, said: “We think the site began about 2,500 BC with ritual use around a spring where the burned stones were found”

“The idea that the stone indicate ‘sweat houses’ is just one theory”

We can tell that the huge roundhouse burned down but we think we have one surviving post which we will be able to carbon date”

For the full story, please visit the following link: Bronze Age Sauna

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Creating a perfect bathroom retreat requires careful consideration and planning. Mirrors are an essential element in bathroom design as they can add dramatic effect along with a sense of space. Furthermore, a bathroom mirror will reflect any light coming into the room creating a brighter and more comfortable atmosphere.

But with so many different tastes amongst us, it’s difficult to decide on a mirror that suits your unique style and look. LuxuryBathroomMirrors.com gives us the option of creating a bespoke mirror with many different styles to choose from (for a very reasonable price at that!). Create a straight edged design combined with LED’s to achieve that modern contemporary look – http://www.luxurybathroommirrors.co.uk/ is definitely worth a visit.

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