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Salt Baths shown to Soothe Arthritis pain

A new study completed by Vincent Compan at Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences has shown that bathing in saline solutions can ease the agony of arthritis. Simply soaking in a bath filled with your favourite bathing salts can help reduce the inflammation that a growing percentage of the population experience each day through arthritis. “The research has been said to open up exciting new opportunities, with endless potential to help so many patients” said Dr Compan.

The research demonstrated how soaking in a saline solution can cause the cells that cause arthritis to “dehydrate” resulting in a reduction of the swelling that can become painful for sufferers. The salt showed the same results when injected directly into the body or when absorbed through the skin when soaked in a saline bath. The research reflects the common beliefs shared by those that make annual visits to natural hot springs. These springs are extremely high in saline levels, causing them to often be resorted to by patients looking for a “natural miracle cure.”

A National Issue

More than 10 million people currently suffer from the pains of arthritis, causing crippling pains and inflammation within joints commonly found in the hands, feet and limbs. Many sufferers are in constant agony to the point where daily life can become stressful. At present there is no cure for arthritis, but there are a number of both commercial and home remedies available for sufferers to help ease the pain and slow the condition down considerably.

Commenting on this research, a spokesperson for the charity Arthritis Research UK said “It’s been known for some time that salt solutions can have some benefits towards the aches and pains of arthritis , but it never been known why this was the case. This study has shed some light on this and by identifying the molecular target for these hyper tonic solutions we can hopefully block the molecule that progresses inflammation” – Daily Mail 21/09/2012. 

The Ultimate Home Remedy

In addition to the above, it’s common knowledge that breathing salty air can reduce the inflammation and swelling of airways. Salt therapy can also be used to ease asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infections, hay fever, most respiratory allergies and even cystic fibrosis.

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Top 5 headache remedy tips

If like many you suffer from frequent headache pains, you can find yourself reaching for medication before even trying to figure out what’s causing it.  It is recommended that you find out the cause of your headache to try and eliminate them from occurring all together.

There are over 200 types of headache, so identifying which you keep getting can really make a difference to snubbing them permanently. If you can cross sinus pain, migraine or even tension headaches off the list, why not try ruling out some of the following:

  • Head-banging – Excruciating pain around the eye areas and lower forehead can sometimes be caused by lack of oxygen. Try getting out into the fresh air, or if you smoke, perhaps quitting for a while.
  • Jaw-aching – Some headaches can be caused by the grinding of your teeth during sleep – If this is the case for you, try wearing a gum shield.
  • Red eye – Pain on the side of the head near the temple areas which can sometimes cause bloodshot eyes. Experts recommend indomethacin as the magic cure for this type of headache.
  • Red Wine – An allergy or response to red wine can cause certain headache pains. Try drinking black tea before or after as the quercetin found in the tea can help.
  • Medication – Taking painkillers too quickly can sometimes cause a headache rather than prevent it. If you take certain painkillers regularly, your body react negatively. Try hydrating first and then escaping to a quiet place for 30 minutes.