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Salt – Is it time you cut back?

Salt can be quite an addictive condiment for some us, especially if you don’t know when to stop or how much we actually need each day. The lip smacking savoury goodness that we get from salt enriched foods satisfies our pallette like no other, but it’s important to note that excessive can be extremely dangerous.

Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top ways to help you cut back on salt intake:

1. Complimentary snacks – When out with friends or perhaps settling down to a relaxing with a drink or two after a long day at the office, you may find that the bar or pub you are in offers complimentary snacks. Be wary that nibbles such as crackers, potato chipsand even olives are jam packed with salt content. It may be sensible to drink more if you do decide to eat them, but perhaps drink water rather than alcohol.

2.  Sport hydration drinks – Drinks like these are designed for athletes who are training or exercising vigourously. The water and salt lost during sweating needs to be replaced quickly, making sports drinks like these vital to good health. However, for those of us not exercising a sports drink could do you more harm than good. Instead, why not opt for good old fashioned water as your thirst quencher.

3. Be wary of medication – If you suffer from regular headaches, muscle pains or even take regular medication, it may be worth checking the salt content. It may seem odd at first, but some painkillers and other common medication can contain a surprising amount of salt.

4. Soda or Sparkling? – You may be surprised to know that sparkling water and soda water are literally at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the amount of salt they contain. Soda water is carbonated with sodium bicarbonate which contains an average of 75mg of sodium. Sparking water on the other hand contains just 3mg of sodium.

5. Calculation is key – It’s important to remember that salt is made from a combination of sodium and chloride, with sodium being the real cause of most health problems. When grocery shopping, you may have noticed that some food labels show salt content whilst others show sodium content. If you want to know the salt content rather than the sodium, simply multiply the sodium figure by 2.5.

Remember, taking all the above into account, that the average adult should not exceed an average salt intake of 6g per day. Anything over this has been statistically proven to cause long term health problems.



6 tips to help fend away cancer

Each year, over 10 million cases of cancer are diagnosed across the globe. It’s a subject that receives much attention, and in some cases the advice given can put a real dampener on things. However, it is possible to make small and simple lifestyle changes to ensure you decrease the chances of becoming one of these cases.

Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top 6 tips to help defend against cancer:

  • Introduce onions into everything – We understand that not everyone is a fan of onions! Yet onions are not just to be seen to add delicious flavor to all your home cooked meals. A diet high in onions has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by almost 50%. The onion is most powerful when eaten raw, but if your not up to task, lightly cooking them also helps the main the good stuff.
  • Eat grapes with your partner – Grapes are a great source of resveratrol, a compound found in wine that helps to protect us against cancer. Taking it in through the grape means you’re getting all the benefits without the alcohol. Being close to your partner simply helps to strengthen both your immune systems.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes – It’s mentioned time and time again, but a 30 minute walk is all that’s needed to reduce your risk of breast cancer. A study of 170 overweight women in Seattle, USA showed that moderate exercise reduced the levels of oestrogen found in the body, a hormone related to the cancerous cell.
  • Skip the Sunbed – If you desperate to get a tan, try to avoid the sunbeds all together as they can drastically increase your chances of skin-cancer. Instead, why not opt for the spray tan option which is now widely available at most local health spas.
  • Fancy a beer? – Not to be mistaken as completely useless, beer helps to protect us against the harmful bacterium “Helicobacter Pylori” which has been linked to stomach cancer. Obviously, it’s not an excuse to overdo it – Excessive alcohol over the course of a week can actually increase the chances of some cancers.
  • Get a Cantaloupe Melon – Cantaloupe melons are a great source of carotenoids, a chemical shown to help reduce the risk of lung cancer. Although not seen as convenient, prepare your melon in advance.  Keep chunks of it stored in an airtight container in the fridge, and help yourself throughout the day.