Require a 3 minute dryer?

The new innovative Triton body dryer is set to join the growing range of luxury bathroom products.

Yes, damp towels in your bathroom may be things of the past. Now we can be dried on those drowsy winter Monday mornings by simply staying completely stationary as the Triton body dryer does the work for us. We have all had the pleasure of drying ourselves with an orthodox hairdryer, but now we can have this delectable feeling as soon as we step out of the shower.

Costing just 1p per minute to run (with a usual dry taking just 3 minutes) you can certainly see why the Triton body dryer has such a heavy price tag of £230. Expect to save money from not washing as many towels.

Not only does this simple yet ingenious invention reduce your carbon footprint, its better for you health wise as it helps reduce moisture in the air which will prevent the growth of bacteria in your bathroom.

The gadget comes with a wireless remote to help you choose an ideal setting, and the dryer may be doubled up as a room heater. Also, it may prove to be very useful for drying kids quickly or even pets.

This device is the height of lavish idleness and upon its release it has been labelled a glorified hair dryer. We’ll let you decide.

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