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It’s been a long time coming, but the team at the Healthy Hideout has finally finished the long awaited Top 50 Health blogs list. The list is a breakdown of our Top 50 Health blogs in the world – We hope that you may find a site that makes a permanent position in your bookmark lists!

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The list was calculated looking at the following information taken within the same time period of 10/10/2011:

  • We analysed a total of 350+ health blogs and websites, some of which were not even worthy of “blog” status
  • After we had short-listed approximately 90-100 blogs, we collected statistical information on each blog to calculate our own blog ranking system
  • Information gathered included Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Technorati Authority and Twitter followers.
  • All blogs included in the final 50 list were active, with a minimum of fortnightly posts.
  • We understand that some blogs may have slipped through our net. We will be updating this list as often as we can, so if you feel your blog deserves some recognition please contact page.
  • In order to be featured in the top 50 list, the blog needed to be an actual blog operated a single blogger or multiple bloggers – not just a site filled with articles and information. As you can imagine, this omitted quite a few of the big news sites.
  • This list is entirely unbiased and not endorsed in any way. Please don’t contact us to “pay for a position” as we won’t respond.
  • Although it is a great health blog, The Healthy Hideout has of course been exempt from this list for obvious reasons.
  • The majority of leading blogs operated active Twitter pages, allowing authors to communicate with readers.
  • Please feel free to provide feedback via Twitter @healthyhideout or via the contact page.



Top 50 Health Blogs published by The Healthy Hideout 2011



Dr Sanjay Gupta - CNN Health

1. Dr Sanjay Gupta – CNN Health Blog

Combined with a huge following and up to date news on current health issues, Dr Sanjay Gupta gives a behind-the-scenes look at the latest stories from CNN Chief Medical Correspondent and Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen.

United States @sanjayguptaCNN


NY Times Wellness Blog

2. New York Times – Wellness Blog

Tara-Parker Pope is the chief editor of the New York Times Wellness blog, packed with daily health tips, up-to-date health politics, personal health advice, healthy eating ideas, and fitness workouts. Definitely worth a visit.

United States @nytimeswell


Mark's Daily Apple

3. Marks Daily Apple

Backed by the creator of Primal Living & owner of Primal Nutrition, Mark Sisson, Marks Daily Apple offers a personal hands-on approach towards it’s readers, offering “primal” health advice for the modern world. Creative, approachable blog worth it’s word count in gold.

United States @mark_sisson


Care2 Health Blog

4. Care 2

With over 16 million regular readers, Care 2 host a busy active community, free daily health tips, and indepth product reviews. Their mission statement: Make it easy for everyone to live a healthy, green lifestyle and impact the causes they care about most.

United States @care2


Food Politics Health Blog

5. Food Politics

The home of Professor Paulette Goddard in the US Department of Nutrition, Prof Goddard discusses how the food industry influences nutrition and health. Detailed, entertaining posts are available daily making Food Politics a must for our list.

United States @marionnestle


The Huffington Post Health Blog

6. The Huffington Post

Bolted onto the The Huffington Post news website, this health blog is managed by a group of health professionals offering advice on healthy eating and exercise along with motivational videos that are always worth a watch.

United States @huffpostcanada


Crazy Sexy Life

7. Crazy Sexy Life

Managed by New York Times best-selling author Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Lifes followers her inspiring journey after being diagnosed with an incurable stage 4 cancer. After selling everything, she hit the road to discover new ways to achieve ultimate health and wellness.

United States @Kris_Carr



8. Fit Sugar

A colourful energy filled blog packed within information across a widespread range of topics including exercise regimes, nutritional information, diet tips and useful videos. Updated regularly (sometimes by the hour), FitSugar if definitely worth a look.

United States @fitsugar


Wall Street Journal Health Blog

9. Wall Street Journal Health Blog

A great blog to keep on top of health news around the world. Health Blog offers news and analysis on health and the business of health. The blog is written by Katherine Hobson and includes contributions from staffers at The Wall Street Journal and

United States @wsjeurope


Kitchen Stewardship

10. Kitchen Stewardship

Owned and operated by Katie Kimball, mother of 3, this blog concentrates on how to offer the best nutrition and living for her family and herself. In depth looks at healthy recipes, and ways to encourage your children to keep healthy are both big hitters in our books.

United States @kitchenstew



11. Diet Blog

Managed by a group of dietitians and fitness experts, the Diet Blog takes the best diet news and advice and combines it with real world application and opinion. Regularly updated, you can browse sections covering diet, exercise, body image and success stories.

United States @dietblog


TIME: Healthland

12. Time: Healthland

Supported by the popular worldwide publication Time Magazine, the Healthland blog offers updated information for a wide variety of topics including diet, fitness, family, health news, policy and medicine.  An easy-to-use website with a great sense of community.

United States @TIMEHealthland


Diabetes Mine

13. Diabetes Mine

Featured in many newspapers and media publications, Diabetes mine is a health blog dedicated to and created by diabetes patients. A wealthy informational resource with a supportive community, any diabetics should work this site into their daily morning coffee.

United States @diabetesmine


Kevin MD Health Blog

14. Kevin MD Health Blog

Founded by Kevin Pho MD, the Kevin MD blog provides a regularly updated stream of physician commentary on breaking medical news. Through this blog, patients are able to get an idea of what happens behind the scenes of medicine.

United States @kevinmd


15. Natural Health Ezine

A relatively new health blog dedicated to helping you live a naturally healthy life. Packed with regularly posted health articles, natural cures and organic health products, we predict the Natural Health Ezine is a growing blog with huge potential.

United States @naturalhealthez


Health Mad

16. Health Mad

The HealthMad blog readership is growing at an impressive rate, with over 1700 readers at the time of writing. Regular daily post on healthy eating, living a healthy lifestyle and tips on exercise. They also welcome guest bloggers if you fancy yourself as an article writer.

United States n/a


The Guardian Health Blog

17. Guardian – Health & Wellbeing

Supported by the popular UK publication The Guardian, the Health & Wellbeing blog provides an insight into a widespread variety of health topics. Everything from fantastic healthy recipes to up-to-date opinions on health news.

United Kingdom @sarahboseley Nutrition

18. Nutrition Blog – is a huge information website that provides articles on many different topics, including health nutrition. Managed by nutrition guide Shereen Jegtvig, health articles are added on a regular basis for a variety of topics.

United States n/a


The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

19. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

Managed by Scotland based Shauna Reid, the Diet Girl blog gives an insight into how she managed to lose 175lbs over 5 years. 50lbs has crept back since, but Diet Girl is a fine example of what commitment can provide. An active following with regular posts.

United Kingdom n/a


Eat Drink Better

20. Eat Drink Better

Eat Drink Better is a buzzing blog filled with healthy recipes, food policy, food justice and anything in between. They strongly believe in caring about what’s on your plate and how it affects our bodies and the environment. Some photographs are mouth watering!

United States @importantmedia


Dr Mommy Health Tips

21. Dr Mommy Online

A personal blog managed by Dr. Daisy Sutherland, founder of Dr. Mommy Online. As mother of 5, Dr Mommy’s main mission and goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage others to achieve health and well-being. Motivational reading for anyone interested in health.

United States @drmommy


NJ Fitness Blog

22. George Guerin – New Jersey

Supported by the New Jersey Publication, George Guerin, president and founder of PPTSWellness offers health articles based on diet, exercise and healthy living. Regular posts make this blog one for your bookmarks.

United States n/a


This Full House Family Health Blog

23. This Full House

Liz, mother of 4 currently writes for and operates the Full House blog. Liz uses this blog to share stories about family health and ways she keeps on-top of the every day running of her busy family lifestyle.

United States @thisfullhouse


Evolving Wellness

24. Evolving Wellness

Evolving Wellness, edited by Evita Ochel, is a blog that provides a balanced approach to health and wellness. Evolving Wellness provides short and long health articles written from unique research, along with useful every day practical applications.

United States @Evitaochel


Dr Ayala's Health Blog

25. Ayals Herbal Water Blog

Founder of Herbal Water Inc, Dr. Ayala is physician in Paediatrics and Medical Genetics. As a mother of 3, Dr. Ayala discusses various health topics including healthy vegetarian eating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and everyday nutrition.

United States @drayala



Woman's Day Health Blog

26. Daily WD – Womans Day

Supported by the Woman’s Day magazine, the editorial team at offers regularly blog posts on all things health including current health news, women’s issues and diet tips. For our female readers out there, this blog is certainly worth a look.

United States @womansday


A Girl's Gotta Spa

27. A Girl’s Gotta Spa

In 2005, Shannon Nelson launched her beauty blog as a way of bringing non-biased, easy to read product reviews on everything health & spa related. Her following quickly grew, and is now regularly quoted in popular North American publications.

United States @agirlsgottaspa


Healthy Fellow

28. Healthy Fellow

Managed by Health Consultant, JP, the Healthy Fellow is a growing health community designed to pass along straightforward, evidence-based natural health information for both yourself and your family. Regularly updated with good pictures.

United States @healthyfellow


Healthy Child Foundation Blog


Healthy Child is a worldwide organisation dedicated to expanding the awareness of the dangers the environment has on young children. By engaging an on-line community first hand, readers can understand government legislation and how they can make a difference.

United States @healthy_child


Healthy Eats by Food Network

30. Healthy Eats by the Food Network

Supported by the Food Network, the Healthy Eats blog posts regular health food recipes across a wide variety of ingredients and cultures. Whether you’re cooking a mid-week snack or something a little more special, there’s something healthy for everyone!

United States @healthyeats


Julie's Health sponsored by Chicago Tribune

31. Julies Health by Chicago Tribute

Julies Health is managed by Julie Deardoff, writing investigative health and fitness related stories for Tribune Co. publications. Regular posts include health news, exercise tips, food investigations and sports foods recipes.

United States @juliedeardorff


Livewell 360

32. Livewell 360

Specialist suppliers of the ultimate handmade fitness bag, Livewell 360 supply a variety of what they claim to be the perfect gym partner. Coupled with a regularly updated blog, the Livewell health blog offers great recipes, easy to follow workouts and product reviews.

United States @livewell360


Former Fat Guy

33. Former Fat Guy

Managed by Rob Cooper who used to weigh 475 pounds, this blog is dedicated to helping others understand the dangers of obesity & how they can achieve what he did – losing 300 pounds. It’s fair to say that recovering from two heart attacks is incredible enough!

Canada @formerfatguy


Cranky Fitness

34. Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness is a health blog managed by “Crabby McSlacker” (J Graham) posting weekly on general fitness, nutrition, personal development and disease prevention. With a real tongue in cheek approach to fitness, they claim “Healthy Living is a Pain in the Ass.”

United States @crabbymcslacker


Get Better Health

35. Get Better Health

Updated regularly by a network of health professional bloggers, Better Health offers insightful and trustworthy health commentary, helping to inform policy makers about the provider point of view on healthcare, science and patient care.

United States @drval


Healthy Watch Centre

36. Health Watch Center

Supporting a large variety of health topics including general health, heart disease, men’s health, diagnosis and health how to’s. Regularly updated with easy-to-read picture filled blog posts, the Health Watch Center is certainly worth a visit.

United States @healthwatchzone


Losing it and Loving it

37. Losing it and Loving it

Angie Newton is the leading author of Losing it and Loving it, blogging on her adventures of a successful weight loss story. Angie also offers readers her favourite weight loss products, speaking of course from experience as well as one to one discussions on health.

United States @angienewton


Correct Weight Loss

38. Correct Weight Loss

Paramjit Sidhu provides a collection of “must read articles” on the topic of weight loss, completely free of charge. Highlighting some basic principles for the reader, information is provided through easy read articles, audio podcasts and video.

United States @paramjitsidhu


Health Blogatize

39. Health Blog @ Blogatize

Written and managed by Philip, this blog provides regular articles on a vareity of health topics including nutritional tips, natural weight loss ideas and home fitness advice. One worth visiting every one in a while.

United States n/a


Food Standards Agency Blog

40. British Food Standards Agency

Andrew Wadge, Chief Scientist at the British Food Standards Agency currently manages the FSA blog, providing information on allergies, health research, consumer feedback and scientific studies. A comments systems even allows you speak directly with Andrew.

United Kingdom @FSAscientist


The Healthy Boy

41. The Healthy Boy

This blog concentrates on eliminating or at least cutting down on bad junk food. Maintaining a healthy diet is the key to keeping yourself in good stead for the long run – The Healthy Boy demonstrates this well through articles and videos.

United States n/a


Bodykind Blog

42. Bodykind Health Blog

Bodykind are a retailer that specialise in supplements and well-being products. The regularly updated blog offers informative articles that target everything health including insightful looks into ingredients like cinnamon, zinc and tumeric.

United Kingdom @bodykind


Livelife 365

43. Livelife 365

Managed by Mike Foster, Livelife 365 is a video driven blog that discusses all things health including personal development, healthy recipes and entertainment. Since starting the blog in 2009, Mike has quickly established himself a loyal following in the health blog scene.

United States @livelife365


The If Life

44. The If Life

Providing information on simple fat loss, fitness and health since 2008 the If Life blog is ran by Mike O’Donnell. With almost 10 years experience as a personal trainer, Mike offers simple weight loss truths coupled with plenty of healthy lifestyle tips.  Definitely worth a read!

United States n/a


Good Looking Cook

45. Taste is Trump

“What good is a healthy dish if nobody eats it” – Slogan taken directly from the blog, which we certainly think holds a lot of truth. Colourful blog with a main focus on healthy eating partnered with easy to follow recipes and mouthwatering pictures.

United States n/a


NHS Life Blogs

46. NHS – Discussion Blogs

A little different to the other blogs mentioned in this list, the NHS blogs is a community of users who post information about different health related issues. As the majority of the information posted is from first hand experience, it certainly makes for a useful resource.

United Kingdom n/a


Natural Holistic Health

47. Natural Holistic Health

A regularly updated, informative blog that concentrates on how to keep you and your family safe holistically. Although this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, this blog is a great resource for those who utilise holistic health methods in their everyday lives.

United States n/a


Goodness Direct Blog

48. Goodness Direct Blog

Goodness Direct supply healthy, economically friendly, organic foods to the general public for competitive prices. Their blog provides useful information on a variety of health products including foods that they sell, and useful health food recipes.

United Kingdom n/a


Cynthia Rowland Health Blog

49. Cythia Rowland – Live Longer

Cynthia Rowland, specialist in European spa exercises that “help tone, tighten and lift facial muscles” provides this blog as a great resource for those looking to maintain their youthful looks, without the need the surgery.

United States n/a


Promote Health

50. Promote Health

Dedicated to living a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle? The Promote Health blog provides information on the latest health news, diet tips, arthritis treatments, skin care advice and weight loss tips. Updated regularly.

United States n/a


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