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Running tips – Keeping to the beat!

Some of us find motivating our bodies for exercise a little difficult – Why not encourage yourself during your next workout by incorporating a little fun. Music in particular! According to a new study published by the Brunel University of London, listening to the right music during exercise can have a positive effect on your performance and mood.

Take a look at some of the Healthy Hideout’s reasons why you should be playing your favorite tunes the next time you decide to jog around the block:

  • Lower your perception of exhaustion – You’re distracting your brain from the activity you’re actually doing, so you’ll be less inclined to think about being tired and stopping.
  • Heighten cardiovascular benefits – Music with a steady beat helps with the natural rhythm of breathing, resulting in a great amount of oxygen to where you really need it.
  • Extended workout time – You’ll be encouraged to workout for longer because you’re having fun – Longer workouts equal greater benefits.

During exercise, our brains will work hard to find external motivation to keep interested – If you can provide this through the form of music you’re less inclined to become bored too quickly. Brunel’s team of researchers found that music around 120 – 150 beats per minute offered the perfect exercise tempo, resulting in your workout being at least 20% more effective. Lead researcher Dr Kargeorghis says that because “maintaining a synchronous movement during the onset of fatigue requires more attention” our bodies tend to focus less on how tired we are, and more towards continuing an effective workout.

What tunes do you listen to during your workout? If you are based in the south of England then why not check out the Great South Run?!



Top 10 Healthy Heart exercises

Keeping your heart healthy should be at the top of your priority list each and everyday. But with our busy modern day lifestyles and hectic agendas, finding the time to work our tickers can sometimes prove difficult. The following exercise suggestions are great ways of working the heart, but be sure to not overdo it – You want to be feeling up for doing exercise the next day too!

Jogging makes for a great heart workout!

Jogging makes for a great heart workout!

Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top 10 healthy heart exercises;

  1. Surge walking – The next time you’re out for your daily brisk trot around the block, try incorporating short sharp surges into your route. By doing this, not does your body burn more calories, you’ll be conditioning yourself for walking at a faster pace for comfortably.
  2. Spring clean every week – The effort that we take to give our homes that annuals spring clean each year, should be applied to every house tidy up we do. Go for the energetic clean! Don’t stick to just one floor at a time, make use of your homes stairs. They’re the best calorie burner after all!
  3. The Stairs Game – Although this may not appeal to those with a busy schedule, set yourself the task of climbing a set of stairs every time you see them. It’s a free and easy way of getting an intensive burst of exercises each day
  4. Go Swimming – A great scientific fact to remember – Water is 800 times denser than air. Even moving around in water with your head above the surface is an intensive workout for the body. Try starting with treading water, gradually moving yourself into a set of lengths and routines.
  5. It’s time to Dance – Dancing burns an average of 500 calories per hour, using muscles you don’t normally exercise in the process. Some experts say that patients who regularly dance at a club or with friends have healthier hearts than those who don’t.
  6. Run for the hills! – Walking, jogging or even riding a bike up a hill introduces the great resistance of gravity. Tackle some hills once or twice a week and be sure to lean forwards when walking to engage different types of muscles.
  7. Follow the fittest – When exercising with friends who are fitter or faster than you, you’re forced out of your comfort zone.  This helps you to develop your fitness levels quicker, whilst working out with someone else ensures you actually keep to a regular routine.
  8. The Great Outdoors – When walking on tougher terrains such as grass fields and rugged dirt track, your body works more muscles when compared to walking on pavement. Country walks are often prettier on the eye as well, so why not get out of the city this weekend?
  9. Pre-programmed – If you already utilise electronic exercise equipment at your gym or at home, try to introduce yourself to the programs that have “inclined” routines. This will work your body and improve the strength of your heart.
  10. Time for Sports – Make it your target this year to introduce a new physically active hobby. Casual sports such as tennis, badminton, swimming and even cycling force the heart to work intensively. They’re also a great way to catch up with friends and socialise throughout the working week.

What exercises do you incorporate into your weekly routine? Here at the Healthy Hideout, we’d love to hear any suggestions you have for great heart intensive ideas. Get in touch!