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Cutting breakfast calories helps cut daily calorie intake

A recent study has suggested that reducing the number of calories you eat for breakfast could help you to lose weight. This is contrary to the thought that starting the day with a large, hearty breakfast can aid in weight loss. In fact it is a myth that eating a larger breakfast will lead to consuming less calories in the remainder of the day.

It has been reported that reducing the number of calories you eat at breakfast will help to improve your overall daily energy balance. The study, published in the Nutrition Journal (www.nutritionj.com) was trying to determine whether there is truth in the belief that eating a large breakfast will lead to a lower calorie intake through the rest of the day.

The study was conducted by a group from the University of Munich and followed nearly 400 normal and obese people over a 2 week period. Each participant kept a diary of the type and quantities of each food they consumed. Some subjects ate large breakfasts, others smaller quantities and others skipped breakfast.

When the results were analysed it was found that the total energy intake throughout the day  is directly proportional to the number of breakfast calories you consume. It was also determined that the size of the other meals you consumer after breakfast has little correlation to the amount you eat at breakfast. The only exception being a reduction in the mid-morning snack for one group that was studied. Lead researcher, Dr Volker Schusdziarra, said: “The results of the study showed that people ate the same at lunch and dinner, regardless of what they had for breakfast.”

While an overall reduction in calories will generally help a person to lose weight, further studies are required to demonstrate that smaller breakfast will lead to weight loss. However, according to the British Dietetic Association, eating breakfast is important to help maintain a balanced diet.

You should not skip breakfast as those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Furthermore, missing breakfast can lead to the temptation to snack on other less healthy alternatives through the day.

Commonwealth boxer gains 2 kilos in sauna!

The Commonwealth games XIX has been beset with problems and the latest has struck the boxers.

When Jason Maloney, an Australian fighter stood on the scales to his shock he found that he was 700 grams over the weight limit. As is customary when aiming to make a weight category, the boxer went to the sauna to sweat off the extra 700 grams.

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After sweating off the extra weight in the sauna the boxer returned to the scales only to find he had actually gained 2 kilos! The problem was soon clear when a 50Kg weight was checked on the scales and found to weigh 51.43 kilograms.

Anger and uproar rose as Australia’s assistant coach, Don Abnett bawled, “I have never seen this before, it is a farce. I thought last year when I witnessed a bloke win a fight with one arm I had seen it all, but this even tops that.” Australian official John Gatfield said that “there were coaches from every nation just shouting at officials saying, ‘we cannot go with this’.”

Luckily, the problem had been identified before the England team were due to be weighed. However, this episode puts a cloud over the event where 2 fighters had to lose weight unnecessarily. “It is ridiculous!” added Don Abnett. “Now we have boys who have lost too much weight which is not good.”

Tell us about any stories where you have tried to lose weight but inadvertently gained weight. For more information see The Mirror.