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The Sun can heat your home.

There is not a lot out there that can match a piping hot shower – unless of course it doesn’t cost a penny. The way to do this is to take full advantage of widely available solar thermal panels. Fitting a system is straight forward and can be carried out on any home, whether it is an existing property or new build.

It is important not to confuse solar thermal panels with photovoltaic panels, which utilise the suns energy to produce electricity. Solar thermal panels use the suns energy to heat water stored in glass pipes on the surface of the panels. The heated water is then circulated into the homes water supply where it can be used for washing up, showering, and in some cases heating the home. The beauty of it all is that it doesn’t cost you anything.

Leading solar thermal providers state that full solar thermal systems will provide 50 – 70% of the hot water in your home. With a 50% growth on solar thermal installations across the UK in comparison to last year, it seems that the general public are beginning to catch on.

With systems starting from as little as £1500.00 you’ll soon realise the system will begin to pay itself off before you know it.

For more information visit the suppliers: www.velux.co.uk, www.meisterstueck.co.uk, www.baxi.co.uk, www.kingspansolar.co.uk

Steam therapy to cure sinusitis – Daily Mail

A towel and a bowl of steaming water may be a more effective way to tackle sinusitis than drugs. In a new trial, up to 300 patients will use inhalation to treat a condition that is often tackled with antibiotics. It comes in the wake of research showing that the amount of patients who recovered in ten days was about the same, whether they took an antibiotic or a placebo.

Steam & Bowel

Acute sinusitis – inflammation of the linings of the sinuses – affects up to five per cent of adults. Symptoms include headaches, sore face and a blocked nose. In the trial, at Southampton University, researchers will compare steam inhalation and nasal irrigation, where patients flush 150ml of saline through each nostril daily for six months. The hot steam is thought to help clear the airways, which improves breathing and mucus flow.

Source: The Daily Mail – March 31st 2009


Recycling water can save you money!

It’s interesting to think that approximately 30% of the water we use goes down the toilet. Wouldn’t it be great if we could re-use the water from our showers, baths, sinks and cleaning for the flush? Thanks to BRAC Systems a solution is available for all households. Using state of the art technology, specialist filters take used water from your shower, bath, or washing machine and then reuses it in the toilets flushing system.

Foreign particles are filtered from the water making it usable just like normal water, but its designed to be used strictly for your toilet or garden hose! It’s nice to think that you could re-use the same water over and over again without having to pay each time! On top of that, you’ll be helping the environment by using less water in your household!

See how you could save money on your water bill by heading over to BRAC systems today – http://www.bracsystems.com/ – Systems start at just £900!

IPHE moves to Royal Charter

Upgrading our homes heating systems, or installing new bathroom suites we all know is a task best left to the professionals. There is a sense of weariness about bringing a trader into the equation with popular TV shows such as ‘Rogue Traders‘ teaching us to be aware of the fallacious con men that crawl our communities. Finding a trustworthy, qualified individual can sometimes be a difficult task, but thanks to the CIPHE it’s a little easier for the rest of us.


Chartered status has been awarded to the CIPHE, the professional body for plumbing and heating, by the Privy council for their contribution to the health and safety of the public and the environment. Their website www.ciphe.org.uk provides an invaluable service in which members of the public can type in their postcode to find their nearest qualified engineer.

So if your planning to change your water system, or even install a new shower, consider finding a trader one less thing to do on your list.