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The 3 Main Principles of Losing Weight!

Losing weight has been touched upon by countless articles, blogs, newspapers and magazines detailing how you can do lots of different things in order to shift the excess fat around your midrift. At the Healthy Hideout we believe there is no miracle cure or magic serum that you take one morning, to find yourself waking up a pound lighter the next day.

Losing weight requires serious dedication from you and you only – that’s the only way you’re going to see serious changes. If you change your attitude towards wanting to lose weight, and actually believing that you can, you’ve got a higher chance of seeing some changes. Easier said than done right? It’s probably why a lot of people invest into personal trainers who shout nothing but confidence boosting (or breaking) statements in your general direction for 60 minutes. It doesn’t work for everyone though.

There are many programs that work for people out there, such as the “Burn the Fat” program at http://www.burnthefat.com. These guys have a proven track record with thousands of satisfied customers who’ve seen the program reap huge results for them personally.

But when it comes to losing weight, you can often find solid results come from sticking to the 3 Main Principles of Losing Weight. It doesn’t get much simpler than this:

  • Decrease calorie intake – If you’re eating more than 2000 calories a day (2500 calories for men) then you’re eating more than the recommended daily intake or RDA. By eating more than your body needs, your body will look to store the excess energy as fat.
  • Increase calorie burn – After maintaining your calorie intake, it’s important to increase your amount of calorie. This is done through exercise, and unfortunately there’s really no other way. Try to commit yourself to at least 30 minutes a day for the best results.
  • Cut down on the bad stuff – This is the most obvious of the three, but it’s important to make extra effort to cut out all the bad stuff from your diet. This includes fizzy sugary drinks, confectionery, chocolate, pastries,baked goods, fast food – the list can go out. Cut out the bad stuff and you’ll see some serious results. You’ll feel better too!

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Do I have diabetes? 1 million of us do and are unaware!

Are you one of the 1 million Britain’s that have diabetes but are completely unaware of this fact? As levels of obesity escalate, diabetes has similarly been following suit, which some experts predict could have terrible effects on the National Health Service. The number of people living with diabetes is predicted to hit 5.5 million in 2030 with the bill landing at the feet of the NHS.

Blue Circle for Diabetes

Blue Circle for Diabetes

A sufferer of diabetes has a higher risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, leg amputation and blindness. Therefore, it is important to detect the disease so that you can take proactive health measures to reduce its risk and development. In the UK, 2.6 million people have type 2 diabetes, which is linked to inactive lifestyles and obesity.

Type 2 diabetes can go a decade before it is detected at which point many sufferers are showing signs of complications. Chief executive of Diabetes UK, Douglas Smallwood says “Avoidable in so many cases, the type 2 diabetes epidemic is a clear example of where the new government’s rhetoric of tackling health problems through prevention must be turned into action. Failure to act now means a bleak future of spiralling NHS costs and worsening public health.”

How can I tell if I have diabetes?

The NHS health checks programme has started screening “at risk” groups. Factors that increase your risk of diabetes include being overweight, over 40 years old or having a close relative with the illness.

The symptoms to look out for include: frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger. Symptoms may develop rapidly in weeks or month with type 1 diabetes, but may develop more slowly with type 2 diabetes. Other symptoms include unexplained weight loss, blurred vision and frequent infection.

If you suspect you may have diabetes then make an appointment with your GP to have a diabetes test. Diabetes can be dangerous, especially for children. If you have a heightened risk of diabetes then why not make some dietary and lifestyle changes. For a simple, quick urine test, why not buy the following kit today. Source: Daily Mail Newspaper.