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Top Sight Saving Tips

Like the rest of our body, our eyes need looking after. Maintaining your eyesight is overlooked by many of us, but as we only get one set of eyes, it’s important to look after them.

There’s certainly no miracle cure to perfect vision, but we can make small lifestyle changes to help. The following tips are great ways of maintaining sharp eyesight so you keep that 20/20 vision for as long possible:

Maintain sharp eyesight for as long as possible!

Maintain sharp eyesight for as long as possible!

  • Get yourself some sunglasses – It’s important to own a good pair of sunglasses, complete with the CE mark (that’s not an excuse to buy a designer pair!). This will help to reduce the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which is one of the most popular causes of progressive blindness in over 50’s. Try to avoid buying cheap sunglasses, as these may cause more damage than you think
  • Carrots really do help – You’ve probably been told as a child that carrots will help you to see in the dark – This isn’t quite the truth. However, carrots are packed with vitamin A which is crucial for keeping your eyesight sharp. Very tasty when raw, why not substitute your usual mid morning snack with a bowl of carrot sticks?
  • Open a tin of tuna – Studies have shown that eating just one can of tinned tuna a few times a week could reduce the risk of AMD by at least 40%. If you’re not a fan of tuna on it’s own, try incorporating it into a sandwich or salad. You can’t beat a fresh tuna salad with plenty of greens, toasted seeds and a dollop of low calorie mayonnaise.
  • Get yourself moving – Exercise keeps all of us feeling alive and ready, but it can also help maintain good eyesight. Taking a walk around the block 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes has been shown to reduce intra-ocular pressure in people with glaucoma – enough to cut down taking medication entirely.
  • Take a test – People often treat the opticians like dentists, avoiding them at all costs. Its important to take a sight test at least every two years to ensure your eyes are in tip top condition.  Research has shown that some people haven’t visited the opticians in 5 years, with some people not visiting it at all.
  • Quit smoking – It’s not good for your health, nor is it good for your eyes. Kick the habit to reduce your chance of cataracts and other smoking related eye diseases.

Smoking: The True Cost to your Health

Need another reason to quit smoking? Why not spend 2 minutes of your time reading this short article that truly highlights the costs involved with smoking.

Many articles already address the importance of quitting smoking, with some focusing on the health risks involved and others highlighting the vanity & image related reasons. The Centre for Disease control estimates that around 23% of adults aged between 25 – 44 still smoke, whilst smoking remains the number one cause of preventable death in the US. It’s almost as if our health and how we look simply aren’t good enough reason to stop poisoning our bodies with such toxic smoke.

Bad for the body and your wallet

From research taken from Tobacco Free Kids as of October 2010, the average pack of cigarettes stood at whopping £5.59. Although cost does vary for region and applicable taxes involved, this is still quite a dent on your daily expenditure. Just imagine if you found £5 at the side of your bed each day your woke up? What would you do with it? Let the Healthy Hideout break it down for you:

  • One Week – It’s a saving of almost £40. That’s enough to eat away from the office at lunch everyday, fuel your car for a week, or take your other half to the cinema for a date.
  • One Month – £167 stays in your pocket, ready for you to splurge on that special pair of party shoes you’ve been waiting for. You could go for a special evening dinner with a friend, or book a weekend away at a your local spa for the ultimate relaxation experience.
  • One Year – Now things start to get a little serious – almost £2000 serious. This is enough to place a deposit on a brand new car, take an extravagant holiday away to somewhere tropical or even buy a top of the range home cinema system. With the average UK wage standing at around £16,000 this saving is an incredible 12.5% of your years earnings.
  • Five Years – If the above wasn’t already enough of an eye opener, then why not try a saving of nearly £10,000. This is enough to place a deposit on a house, clear any educational related debts or renovate your entire house.

In short, there is absolutely no limit to how much you can affect your wallet positively just by kicking the habit. If a parent were to stop smoking once their child was born, they’ll have saved around £35,000 by the time the child hits 18 years of age. If someone aged 30 decided to quit and put the money that they saved into a 6% savings account until they retired, they’d have an extra £150,000 waiting for them.

Kick the habit today

Many health studies already support infinite reasons of why quitting smoking benefits your body. If it takes realisation of the financial factors involved such as the ones mentioned above for you to quit, then why start today?

For more information on quitting, please visit the following NHS resource: http://smokefree.nhs.uk/