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2014 Design Trend Update by Di Vapor

Here at Di Vapor we try our very best to keep on eye with what’s on trend, without focusing purely on the bathroom space. Knowing what styles people look for around the home can often reflect certain trends that can appear in bathroom design.

The growing popularity for glass shower enclosures generated the introduction of two new cabinets, The Verona & The Venice, meeting the need of glass construction throughout with modern design. Glass as a material keeps natural light as a priority, keeping rooms bright and welcoming. The need to keep our living spaces open and alight is reflected on a few trends that have taken hold this year.



Having a well lit living space is something we all consider when it comes to home design, but sometimes we can often miss even the most basic principles. An ongoing trend that has fast tracked it’s way to the top is the need for professional lighting consultants. Experts with years of experience can take the space that you’re working with and maximise your lighting options, taking full advantage of the natural light available within the room.  They can also advise on which light systems would suit your space best, whilst considering the best possible energy efficient option.


Recent figures have shown that a rising demand in the use of manmade materials throughout the home has drastically impacted the number of options available to work with. In addition, manmade materials are often customisable, making them work well within your requirements at very little cost. New resin technology allows any base material to be wrapped in a 3mm thick liquid cement that sets silky smooth, remaining cool to the touch whilst visually maintaining warm natural stone tones.

Kerlite is another manmade material wonder offering heatproof & acid proof properties whilst maintaining a high level of tensile strength. This non pourous material makes it a superbly versatile option for a surface top or splashback. Furthermore, the manufacturing process allows for a number of different shapes and sizes – No design is too extreme.


We’ve seen it used in modern housing developments, replacing walls and supports for maximum light coverage – Using large glazed glass panels has quickly becoming a key trend for both the kitchen and bathroom. Large bi-folding glass doors to a kitchen allow for plenty of natural light to pour in, whilst offering an attractive entrance to a garden space.  Using glass as a divider within a room such as the bathroom helps to divide the floor space without interrupting the flow of natural light. The rising use of glass as a feature over the last decade has quickly  become a staple trend, set to continue strong throughout 2014.


Current colour trends demonstrate the desire for natural colour tones pairs with blue & grey as supporting base colours. Accent pieces are back offering the more daring designer a chance to be loud without being too harsh.  A splash of lime green or ruby red can quickly raise the mood of a room, whilst also offering a unique way to highlight small features.  For a flawless tried-and-tested way of introducing colour,  combine light neutral colours with a bright colour offering.



DIY: The Ultimate Paint Brush Guide

If you’ve just moved into your new home and fancy covering the entire build in a fresh coat of paint, why not take it upon yourself to do the task yourself rather than hiring in the professionals. Not only will it save you money, the experience of learning to “paint properly,” and taking part physical in the renovation of your home, is one that will stay with you forever.

Picking the right brush for the job is key!

Picking the right brush for the job is key!

To point you in the right direction, here is the Healthy Hideout’s Ultimate Paint brush guide to get you started- There’s no room for excuses now;

  • The Paint Roller – The one tool that springs to mind when you think of painting. Be sure to utilise the paint roller when covering large flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings. There are typically two types of roller – Long haired and foam covering. Utilise the long haired covering for the artexing and textures walls, whilst the foam roller is perfect for smooth, freshly papered or plastered walls.
  • The Gloss Brush – Suitable for use with oil and water based paints. Perfect for getting into awkward areas such as windowsills and the tops of doorways. Flagged at one end to ensure the gloss flows smoothly, a good quality gloss brush should leave a perfect finish with no brushmarks.
  • The Emulsion Brush – Typically made from hard, synthetic bristles this brush is designed to not “soak” up water based or matt based emulsion paints. This ensures that more paint goes onto the walls, rather than being wasted onto the brush. Be sure to look out for “no loss bristles guaranteed” or something similar. There’s nothing worse than “dried” in bristles.
  • The Masonry Brush – When painting brick or any other type of stonework, be sure to get hold of a good quality masonry brush designed for smooth and textured paint. Crimped bristles coupled with an angled head ensure that the paint is quickly picked up by the brush and released onto the surface.
  • The Woodcare Brush – Bristles should be durable and hardwearing with flagged tips. The size of brush will depend on the size of item you’re painting. If you painting a garden bench, use a smaller brush to ensure the paint is applied to the grain properly. If you painting a fence panel, a larger brush will ensure your not painting until the sun goes down.

Widely available from many home and diy stores, paint brushes are easy to get hold of. Just make sure you’re picking the right brush for the job. Have you painted anything recently? The Healthy Hideout would love to see any photographs or recent home painting you’ve done.

IPHE moves to Royal Charter

Upgrading our homes heating systems, or installing new bathroom suites we all know is a task best left to the professionals. There is a sense of weariness about bringing a trader into the equation with popular TV shows such as ‘Rogue Traders‘ teaching us to be aware of the fallacious con men that crawl our communities. Finding a trustworthy, qualified individual can sometimes be a difficult task, but thanks to the CIPHE it’s a little easier for the rest of us.


Chartered status has been awarded to the CIPHE, the professional body for plumbing and heating, by the Privy council for their contribution to the health and safety of the public and the environment. Their website www.ciphe.org.uk provides an invaluable service in which members of the public can type in their postcode to find their nearest qualified engineer.

So if your planning to change your water system, or even install a new shower, consider finding a trader one less thing to do on your list.