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Take advantage of Superfoods

Every human body is unique which is why finding a ‘balanced diet’ can be so difficult. Every day there is something in the news about the best ‘superfood’ or a new way of eating that will make you lose 3 stone in two days. You can start to feel a little lost amongst all of the conflicting claims and end up in a lifestyle rut.

Now is the time for your body MOT! Ever wondered why you look six months pregnant after a sandwich? Or perhaps you find you get headaches after eating certain foods? You could have an intolerance which you never even knew about. Do you steer clear of olive oil, avocados and nuts because they are ‘fatty’? Yes, these food products do have fat in them but it is unsaturated which means that it will store long- term energy.

With so much to consider when deciding on what to put into your body, a nutritionist could really help to make the best choices possible for your individual diet and lifestyle. Whether you would prefer online coaching, face to face advice or an allergy/ intolerance test, there really is something for everyone. You can totally re- evaluate your daily diet and completely change the way you look at food. After all, we need our bodies to run on the best possible fuel to live a long, healthy and happy life.

This article was provided by Elle Jenkins from Nutrionist Resource UK. For more information on how to find a nutritionist, please visit http://www.nutritionist-resource.org.uk/