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Self cleaning bathroom anyone?

It’s not a surprise that the weekly bathroom clean has become somewhat of a chore to many of us. Thanks to Rose Amal & the Particles and Catalysts Research Group, University of New South Wales the days of sprays and scrubbing may be a thing of the past.

With the use of Nanotechnology, this new coating can be applied to any surface. It will contain particles with an oxidizing ability stronger than chlorine bleach.

This new super coating contains modified particles of titanium dioxide, which are doped with other cations like iron or vanadium and anions like oxygen, nitrogen or carbon. The oxidising properties also mean fungus cannot grow on the surface. And because the coating is hydrophobic – it does not like water – the water simply slides away carrying any dirt with it, rather than gathering as droplets.

More development is required to bring it to the marketplace, but the stage is set for fast progress.

Don’t go throwing away the Marigolds just yet!