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A look into Lymphatic massage

As we’ve already looked at some pretty extreme methods of detoxifying in our previous posts The Lemon Detox, and an insight into Colonic Hydrotherapy, we thought we’d finish our detox series with something a little less challenging. Lymphatic Drainage massage may sound a little complicated, but don’t let the name put you off. This non-intrusive treatment consists of a gentle massage which works to encourage the lymphatic system, boosting the elimination of toxins from our body.

How does the lymphatic system work?

Lymph is a clear, white substance found in our bodies that works to carry nutrients, hormones and oxygen to our blood cells, collecting toxins and filtering them out with excess fluids from the blood via our lymph nodes – that’s basically where we sweat including the neck, behind the knees and under the armpits.

Unlike blood which has the heart to help move it around our bodies, our lymphatic system relies on muscle movements and blood vessel pressure to keep lymph moving. Whilst exercise is the most common way to stimulate the lymphatic system, the lymph’s can be stimulated via gentle brushing motions from the feet via the lymph nodes towards the heart. It sounds a little odd at first, but it is now widely available from most health spas around the country.

How does it benefit your body?

Boosting your lymph system can help to reduce water retention and raise your overall metabolic rate. You also look to take advantage of aesthetic benefits such as reduced cellulite, clearer skin and faster healing of small wounds and grazes. Considered as quite the wonder treatment by those that use it regularly, there is no simpler way to start your detox today.

Pick up the phone today, and book yourself in for an unforgettable experience that is the Lymphatic massage. You simply won’t regret it.