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Food Combination is key!

Latest research has shown how the the combination of certain food products and groups can provide the body with more bang for your buck. Why not try some of the following food pairings the next time your visiting the supermarket, and try to introduce them into your diet.

See what effect these clever combinations have on your lifestyle:

  • Green Tea & Lemon Juice – Green tea is a great warming alternative to the average cup of “joe” – Combine this with the rich vitamin C packed  juice of a lemon, grapefruit or lime to help breakdown the heart-protecting oxidants found in the tea, known as catechins. Breaking them down makes it easier for your body to absorb them quicker, taking full advantage of all the good stuff.
  • Tomatoes & Beans – Our bodies find it difficult to absorb iron from beans and leafy greens when compared to red meat and other protein rich foods. The key lies in vitamin C which helps to make iron easier to digest. Try to combine iron packed kidney beans with vitamin C rich tomatoes to gain the full benefits.
  • Yogurt & Banana – If like us you find yourself aching after an exercise routine, try to combine carbs with protein to help speed effective muscle recovery. This common combination helps to increase the production of insulin, which causes muscles to soak up repairing nutrients.
  • Fish & Wine – Research from Italy found that women who consumed a glass of red or white wine a day were found to have higher levels of healthy omega 3 fats. Why not try combining omega 3 rich, oily fish such as salmon with a glass of red or white wine to help increase your healthy fat absorption.
  • Apples & Raspberries – Raspberries are rich in ellagic acid which helps to enhance the ability of quercetin – an antioxidant found in apples. Combine the two to increase your intake of the quercetin – a cancer fighting antioxidant.

A healthy purpose for purple!

New research carried out by Professor Douglas Kell at the Archives of Toxicology has concluded new research, stating fruit containing the colour purple can help fight the harmful effects of iron on the digestive system. It is believed that if iron makes it’s way through to the digestive system in the wrong form it can damage delicate cells.

We are often told that vitamins and minerals are generally good for the body, but if Iron does not chemically react with other compounds in the body, it can be poisonous to tissue and cells.

Compounds known as “polyphenols” which give the fruit favourites such as blueberries their distinctive purple glow, have the ability to take hold of harmful iron and keep it out of harm’s way. Other foods that also carry this talent include tumeric, an essential part of indian cooking and green tea, a popular caffeine free drink. The research also showed that even chocolate may help, but unfortunately red wine and other dark alcoholic drinks didn’t have the same effect.

“We tend to think iron is good for us, and in the right form, it is. In the wrong form however, it is not good for you because it can react with other things knocking around in the body which can turn nasty” said Professor Kell. “Too much free iron can stop vitamin C from helping the body fight infection.”

Source: Mail Online.

Bronze age sauna discovered.

A newly discovered roundhouse and sauna has been discovered on a Cumbria Farm in Somerset England: March 2009.

The roundhouse measured 56 feet (17) in diameter, which was one of the largest roundhouses to be unearthed in Britain, and is estimated to be an impressive 3,000 years old.
Archaeologists uncovering the site found a large mound of burned stones, which suggests a sauna may have once stood there. A wide range of Roman artefacts were also found including shears, brooches, three Iron Age spearheads, loom weights, vast amounts of pottery and two skeletons.

Steven Membury, a historic environment officer at Somerset County Council, said: “We think the site began about 2,500 BC with ritual use around a spring where the burned stones were found”

“The idea that the stone indicate ‘sweat houses’ is just one theory”

We can tell that the huge roundhouse burned down but we think we have one surviving post which we will be able to carbon date”

For the full story, please visit the following link: Bronze Age Sauna