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Di Vapor unveils the new Modena!


New for Autumn 2015, Di Vapor has released a new all glass steam shower aptly named the Modena, due to the popularity of the similar Savona model. This sleek 900 x 900mm low profile 1 person steam shower can be fitted into a corner or fitted against the centre of the a wall. A large swinging glass door entrance mounted at the front provides an elegant finish to set off even the newest contemporary bathrooms.


The unit comes complete with an artificial marble low profile tray, and removable wooden bench so that you can remove it when not using the unit for steam maximising showering space. In addition to this, the Modena comes complete with everything required for the perfect spa escape including thermostatic valve controls for the overhead monsoon shower and handheld shower, hydro massage body jets, FM radio with MP3 & CD support and provision for aromatherapy.


A beautiful sleek unit suited for the latest bathroom renovations. For more information please visit the following link: https://www.divapor.com/modena-shower/steam-shower-modena.php


Kevin McClouds top 5 green tips

As more and more homeowners begin to make the subtle shift towards eco living, many “off the shelf” products now make it even easier to make your home eco-friendly. With the upcoming Grand Designs Live exhibition being held in Birmingham at the NEC, Kevin McCloud reveals his 5 top tips towards making your home greener!

Getting Started

  • How do I get started? If your wondering what to do and what not to do in your quest to becoming the leading eco-warrior on your street, start by grabbing yourself a copy of Little Book of One Planet Living by Alastair Sawday. This book cleverley demonstrates how eco living can provide more choice and not less, whilst giving a key insight into sustainability and reusing everyday materials.

Reduce your energy usage

  • In order to green your home, the primary objective is to reduce the amount of energy it consumes. A simple, cheap and effective way to get started is to to go around every door and window sealing off any draughts. You can purchase  many different vareities from your local DIY store, and the results can be simply astonishing.

Use planet friendly products

  • Insulate, insulate and insulate! Double insulatation in the attic area is crucial in reducing heat loss from your home. Heat rises when inside a building, so be sure to keep it inside your building to reduce your overall energy bills. Ecowool is made from recycled plastic bottles, whilst Blackwool is made from Welsh sheepswool. Great planet friendly alternatives to the usual stuff!

Utilise an electricity monitor

  • Cut your overall energy consumption by fitting an electricity monitor – You’ll be surprised which devices in your home drink the most juice! Standby switches are useful to electronics such as TV’s, and if you looking to change supplier head towards Ecotricity or Good Energy. Aerator taps in your kitchen and bathroom will save you water, along with varible flush toilet cisterns.

Keep the heat in

  • Thick curtains or shutters for your windows will keep heat in and cold out. Even poorly fitted, cheap shutters can have a dramatic effect towards keeping heat inside your home, whilst offering increased security also.

Head over to Grand Designs Live this October 2010 – Will you be going?

Source: Grand Designs Live

Planning your bathroom? Here are 7 top tips!

There are 7 key areas that you must address before starting your bathroom renovation. By planning ahead, you can save yourself both time and prevent many costly mistakes that may occur in the long run.

  1. Get the location perfect – Where is your bathroom currently located? Is it in the best place for the rest of the home? If not, now may be the best time to relocate. For example, it may be beneficial to move the bathroom from downstairs to upstairs or vice versa. Remember, this is your bathroom, so design the space to fit the features you want it to have, such as a walk-in shower enclosure or whirlpool bath.
  2. Is that the best price? – If you’re working with a limited budget, you don’t have to buy all your sanitaryware from the same supplier, or with the same brand. It’s useful to stick with the colour white as this will broaden your options, and be sure to check out your local bathroom discount warehouses and online retailers. Mix and match different installations to achieve the look you’re after at the best possible cost.
  3. Check your water supply – The performance of your water system will determine the outcome of water pressure within your new bathroom installation. There is no point in upgrading your bathroom without first checking that your water system will be up to the task. If your home currently has a gravity fed system, it may be an idea to check with your plumber to see if a pressurised system can be installed, so that you’re meeting a standard demand of 3 BAR (measure of water pressure). If an upgrade isn’t an option, then look towards electrical pump installations to give you that extra boost in pressure.
  4. Turn on the lights! – Imaginative lighting can make a big difference to your finished look – Don’t just settle for a single centre mounted light bulb. Experiment with spot lights on key features, such as the bath, with dimmer controls to create a real relaxing atmosphere. Low-voltage down-lights with directional fittings can provide clean bright lighting to create a spacious feel within your bathroom. Avoid pointing lights onto mirrors, and be sure to check that all your lights meet building regulations (IPX ratings etc).
  5. Consider your heating – The ideal option for bathrooms is underfloor heating, as it’s concealed and it can make a tiled or stone floor a lot more comfortable. Alternatively, you could incorporate hot water pipes between joists which can be added to your current central heating system (you will need a mixer valve to control the extra flow). Electric UFH mats laid within the tile adhesive are also another option. Towel rails are a no brainer – easy installation with maximum benefit both practically and cosmetically.
  6. Enough ventilation? – If you don’t consider ventilation properly in the early stages of development, your newly installed bathroom will quickly become victim to mould, and unavoidable musty smells. An electric powered extractor fan mounted into a top corner is the best option, and and can be vented straight outside or up through a ceiling. Some fans can be activated by movement or humidity level, but the common method of operation is incorporating it into your light switch.
  7. Optimise your layout – Having a shower, wash basin and WC is fine for a second bathroom or en suite, but a family bathroom needs to have a bath. Don’t try to cram too much into your new layout and try and stick to minimum practical working distances around each facility. WC’s for instance, require 45cm either side of the centre. Without spending too much cash, try using a computer program to help you decide on a layout. Google SketchUp (sketchup.google.com) is a great place to start.

So what are you waiting for? Get planning!

Source: Real Homes Magazine – June 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Creating a perfect bathroom retreat requires careful consideration and planning. Mirrors are an essential element in bathroom design as they can add dramatic effect along with a sense of space. Furthermore, a bathroom mirror will reflect any light coming into the room creating a brighter and more comfortable atmosphere.

But with so many different tastes amongst us, it’s difficult to decide on a mirror that suits your unique style and look. LuxuryBathroomMirrors.com gives us the option of creating a bespoke mirror with many different styles to choose from (for a very reasonable price at that!). Create a straight edged design combined with LED’s to achieve that modern contemporary look – http://www.luxurybathroommirrors.co.uk/ is definitely worth a visit.

Free delivery with all orders placed in the UK – Always a bonus!