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What affects the value of my home?

A new report conducted by Nationwide has been released, revealing vital knowledge that should be taken on board if you are looking to maximise the overall value and future saleability of your home. Whilst location still remains the biggest factor, the report showed that a 10% increase in overall floor space added 5% to the price of a semi-detached or terraced house and 7% to a detached house. Adding an additional bedroom complete with en suite bathroom through the means of a loft conversation can add up to 20%, whilst extension to a property to add the same combination can add around 11%.

Past projects show that it is relatively cheaper to build a larger property than it is to build a smaller one per square metre, although it is common for us to build smaller properties in relation to the number of bedrooms required when compared to the past. Old properties such as those pre-war dated, tend to be much larger. A four bedroom detached home from this era compared to one built by today’s sizing standards is typically worth £60,000 more.

In light of us constantly looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, un-green homes without efficient central heating systems look to lose an average of 9% of their value.

Size really does matter after all.

Source: Homebuilding & Renovating magazine – August 2009

$500,000 health tests show its time to Detoxify!

David Duncan, 51, took part in the ultimate health examination to discover firstly how healthy he actually was, and secondly what science could tell him about the near future. He transformed himself into the human guinea pig undergoing a vast list of investigations including genetic constitution, how his environment impacted his body and how his organs, muscles and bones were standing up to wear and tear. The tests cost in excess of $500,000.

Duncan considered himself as a generally healthy man, from a family with little history of disease. He undertook many tests with some using the latest advancements in medical technology. One test required him to eat two servings of fish in one day to measure the change in mercury levels in his body (the change was big). Another required Duncan to provide blood samples to various scientists to indicate his susceptibility to certain diseases. He also sent blood and urine samples to a specialist laboratory in Canada who worked to monitor the intake of harmful toxins into the body – finding everything including shampoo, dust and even plastic food wrap – and how they had found their way deep into his arteries and veins. His sight, taste, hearing, and sleep efficiency were also tested.

It is these toxins which we work to remove from our bodies by inducing sweat through exercise or the use of a sauna. Sherry A. Rogers, author of Detoxify or Die states:

“What is the best way to get rid of toxic chemicals including pesticides, heavy metals and hydrocarbon residues when you can’t tolerate a sauna? When a sauna makes you feel weak, sick, have a fast heart rate, faint, dizzy, panicky, head achy or just plain miserable, what is the solution? The infrared sauna. Thanks to improved technology, the infrared sauna is far safer and infinitely more tolerable, because it uses heat energy that penetrates tissues, triggering mobilization of chemicals from subcutaneous fat storage, directly into the sweat”

David Duncan was fortunate enough to find that there was nothing seriously wrong. His knees were suffering from running too much on pavements, and he was made aware of a benign cyst on his kidney which was later removed. However, Duncan did reach two conclusions. First, that we have a lot to learn about the toxins that surround us each day in our work and home environment; and that it wouldn’t be long before full health tests like the ones he undertook became part of normal medical practice.

The amount of toxins that surround us each day, from motor pollution in the air to the varied skin products, is simply incomprehensible. These toxins inside our bodies really aren’t going anywhere unless we boot them out – I think I might go and have a sauna!

Require a 3 minute dryer?

The new innovative Triton body dryer is set to join the growing range of luxury bathroom products.

Yes, damp towels in your bathroom may be things of the past. Now we can be dried on those drowsy winter Monday mornings by simply staying completely stationary as the Triton body dryer does the work for us. We have all had the pleasure of drying ourselves with an orthodox hairdryer, but now we can have this delectable feeling as soon as we step out of the shower.

Costing just 1p per minute to run (with a usual dry taking just 3 minutes) you can certainly see why the Triton body dryer has such a heavy price tag of £230. Expect to save money from not washing as many towels.

Not only does this simple yet ingenious invention reduce your carbon footprint, its better for you health wise as it helps reduce moisture in the air which will prevent the growth of bacteria in your bathroom.

The gadget comes with a wireless remote to help you choose an ideal setting, and the dryer may be doubled up as a room heater. Also, it may prove to be very useful for drying kids quickly or even pets.

This device is the height of lavish idleness and upon its release it has been labelled a glorified hair dryer. We’ll let you decide.