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How our bodies repair themselves

The Human Body is wonderful thing, handling the majority of every day functions as we go about our daily lives. Think about it – Our bodies require oxygen, which is handled by our lungs without us even sparring a thought to do so. As you read this article, you’re not thinking “I must breathe in, now I must breathe out” or “I must now pump blood to my left arm.”

The same can be said for a whole host of things, including the repair of our bodies cells. So how often do our body parts renew themselves? Check out the following shortlist provided by the folks at the Healthy Hideout to find out:

A few days

  • Intestine – The intestine is one of the hardest working repair specialists, renewing all cells every two to three days.
  • Taste Buds – Ever taken a sip of coffee a little too quickly? Then you’ll know what burnt tongue feels like. The average human has over 10,000 taste buds on the tongue which renew themselves every 10 – 14 days. Just think of all the food you consume in this time – this is certainly a good thing!

A few months

  • Red Blood Cells – The average woman contains 4,600,000 red blood cells per cubic millimetre. It can take up to three months to replace each and every one.
  • The Liver – Livers have a cell lifespan of around 5 months, before the renewing process must take place.

A few years

  • Hair – You may get it cut every 6 weeks, but on average it can take between 3 -6 years before you can brandish a completely new head of hair.
  • The Skeleton – One of the more amazing facts; The human skeleton renews itself completely every 10 years.
  • Heart Muscles – Important to keep these muscles in tip top shape! Heart muscle cells can take approximately 20 years to completely renew themselves.


  • Cells that cannot repair – It’s unfortunate for many, but old age can take it’s toll on the eyes and brain. Both of these sets of cells cannot repair themselves.

5 natural ways to detox your body!

It’s no unknown fact that we all live in a toxic world, surrounded by environmental toxins that can damage our bodies. Vehicle exhausts emitting heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, pesticides used on the food that we eat, and plastic products damaging rivers and soil are just some examples of the toxic dangers around us.

By making a few lifestyle changes, we can minimize the damage these toxins have on our body. There are two main factors you need to remember; The first is to minimize exposure in the first place, and the second is the detoxify your body on a regular basis. Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top five ways to detox your body:

Detoxifying the body can improve your skin drastically!

Detoxifying the body can improve your skin drastically!

  1. One great way of minimizing your exposure to the toxins from the start is by keeping your food organic wherever possible. Organic produce is becoming more widely available each day, and is really the only true foundation of starting efficient detoxification.
  2. Be sure to exercise regularly and vigourously. This helps to increase circulation and perspiration, which help towards the entire process of detoxification.
  3. Use a sauna regularly – Sweating is one of the bodies most effective natural ways of clearing the body of harmful toxins. Regular use of a sauna on a weekly basis can also have positive effects on your mood and overall wellbeing.
  4. Water is crucial to detoxification. Ensure that you’re getting what you body needs each and every day. Good hydration and frequent perspiration help to flush your system of toxins.
  5. Visit the toilet regularly – By doing so you ensure that waste toxins aren’t kept in your body for any longer than they are needed. Keeping well hydrated whilst maintaining a good fibre level will help to keep you regular.

We’ll all be eating a little more this festive season, and there’s little room for saying no to another mince pie. Start your detox today and maintain it as your new years resolution to your body!