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7 tips to consider when adding an en suite

These days many potential buyers consider at least one en suite bathroom a must-have for the master bedroom. However, if you’re looking to add an en suite to one of your bedrooms you don’t want to fall into the trap of just adding any old shower enclosure in an unused airing cupboard. You want the en suite to be attractive and seem as spacious as possible so that it gets the use it deserves. Here are 7 top tips to consider when planning your en suite addition:

1 – Water & Drainage

It’s important to check your water supply and drainage accessibility – If you cannot access the main soil pipe then you will need to install a macerator thus increasing the overall cost of your installation. If at all possible, you should look to back your en suite onto an existing bathroom so that you have easy access to supplies and drainage points:

2 – Electrics & Pipework

Be sure to plan all pipework and electricity supply cables carefully, ensuring that they are well hidden whenever possible. Be sure to utilise your ceiling or under floor space if you have it, as exposed pipework and cabling can instantly make a small space look overcrowded. En suites are generally small to begin with, so look to gain space wherever you can!

3 – Ventilation

Remember that ventilation is now a Building Regs requirement. When planning anything within a small space, it’s important to implement good ventilation to ensure plenty of fresh air is circulated throughout the room.  This prevents any build up of mould and ensures the keeps the space feeling comfortable.

4 – Insulation

Be sure to insulate the entire area properly to prevent condensation, especially if the en suite has one wall as an outer brick wall. This will also help to keep the area feeling warmer and more enjoyable to use, especially in the upcoming colder winter months!

5 – Minimalistic Design

When consider what furniture and bathroom equipment you will be using in the en suite, look to keep your design minimal and maximise the available space.  This can be achieved by using all glass shower enclosures with low profile trays, small hand basins with vanity storage below, and wall mounted toilets.

6 – Colour & Light

The average en suite stands at around 2.5m so space isn’t something most of us have in abundance. Look to utilise a single colour scheme so the eye doesn’t become distracted, and utilise mirrors and decorative spot lights wherever possible. A large mirror covering one wall can instantly create the feeling of space, whilst a window can bring in all important natural light.

Never underestimate the importance of natural light!

Never underestimate the importance of natural light!

7 – Be Creative

Not every en suite addition needs to be limited to a small space added to your master bedroom. Of course, the toilet area needs to be private but other additions can potentially be placed in the bedroom area. Why not consider a freestanding bath at the end of the bed, or even a sealed freestanding shower cabin mounted in one corner. The options you have with the suppliers available these days is endless.

Inspired? Start planning your en suite today, and if there’s anything else worth mentioning just leave us a comment below!

De-clutter your Cloakroom!

The cloakroom is easily one of the most neglected spaces in the home, quickly becoming host to store all unnecessary clutter from around the home, despite the fact that it almost always has great potential for a second bathroom. One way to take advantage of this space is to transform it into a downstairs toilet and washroom or mini bathroom. Here’s a few great options worth considering:

  • Under Stairs Cloakroom –  Simplicity is the key – It’s important to not over clutter the area. Small wash basins safe space both visually and practically. Combining a large wall mirror with bright Matt colours can provide a sense of openness. Utilising a heated towel rail is great way to keep the area feeling warm in the winter, whilst providing an attractive feature.
  • Cloakroom – If your lucky enough to have a larger space to work with, it may the case that you want to create a second bathroom in your home for guests and friends alike. Incorporating a second shower is a great idea if you have a large family. With so many 900 x 900 shower designs and smaller available on the market, your bound to find something that works for you. In addition to the added convenience, a second shower is guaranteed to add extra value to your home.

A cloakroom bathroom solution makes the most of a small space, with stylish and contemporary detail adding a touch of glamour and practicality to any home. With complete solutions starting from as little as £1000, it’s a great investment for any homeowner that’s guaranteed to provide long term rewards.

DIY Plumbing – online!

A new resource has been launched to allow would-be plumbers to have a go at some do-it-yourself plumbing around the home. Not only is this an opportunity for those interested to develop their own understanding and skill set, it’s a great way to save money on that new shower enclosure installation you’ve been planning by completing the work yourself.

Heating and Plumbing solutions (http://www.heating-and-plumbing-solutions.com) provide an endless resource of guides from working with plumbing basics to more complex tasks such as installing a new bathroom suite or changing your boiler.

The service is available immediately for an annual fee of £30 per year. Considering the costs you may save doing the work yourself this really is a “no brainer”. There is even an online support service that allows you to discuss plumbing matters and any questions you may have with the experts.

Top find!

Super Sealant to Solve All Leaks!

After installing a new bathroom suite you’ll find yourself looking for a good quality bathroom sealant to finish off and ensure a leak free bathroom. The fact is that after a while you may be met with the task of removing the grungy grimy sealant, and replacing it with a new one. This will cost you time, money and effort, and without choosing a different product it’s guaranteed to happen all over again as the sealant slowly shrinks.


This is where CT1 Sealant comes into play. This new unique sealant uses the latest development in bonding and sealing making it the ultimate solution for showers, baths, wetrooms and tiles! Its completely odourless and because it’s not a solvent based product its guaranteed not to shrink.

When applying standard sealant it’s important to make the surrounding area bone dry so the sealant sticks properly. CT1 has a little party trick up its sleeve, as it has the ability to instantly repair most materials underwater. The days of waiting 24 hours after sealing before using your bath or shower are gone! CT1 dries ready for painting in just 30 minutes.

 Available in 7 different colours, ensure that CT1 is on your bathroom shopping list.

Home Improvement Getting Greener.

It’s a well known fact that the environment has become an important, key issue in today’s modern society. People are recycling more, driving more eco-friendly cars and turning TVs off standby. This ‘eco-fever’ is passing over to the home improvement sector, with consumers considering the environment when purchasing that new kitchen or bathroom. 

A recent survey carried out by the KBSA showed the following:

  • 25% stated that their buying decision would be effected by the retailer’s environmental policies.
  • 41% stated that energy ratings of appliances is a very important factor when purchasing such products.
  • 37% stated is was important that wood used by manufacturers was obtained from sustainable sources. 

It seems that more and more of us are considering our planet before deciding on final plans for our homes.

Give yourselves a pat on the back!