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Incredible “carpet” brick laying machine

Brick roads have been around for centuries, as they were easily repairable when damaged and could tolerate excessive amounts of water due to natural drainage amongst the cracks. They looked great too!

Newer adaptations of brick roads allow water to be infused through the cracks back into the ground again, but due to the labour intensity involved tarmac remains the most common surfacing material. Tarmac is not only more cost effective, is saves a lot of time and can be laid quickly and efficiently.

Laying out the red carpet - Tiger Stone style!

Laying out the red carpet - Tiger Stone style!

This may start to change thanks to a clever new machine known only as “Tiger Stone” introduced by Netherlands based construction company. The device works to create a flawless, sustainable brick surface, seemingly magical, but all thanks to taking clever advantage of gravity. An angled plain is loaded with bricks by the operator.

As the machine inches forward over a sand based layer, the hopper allows the Tiger Stone to lay out 400 meters of road a day, with a potential width of 6 meters. Impressive Stuff!

Workers ensure the "brick carpet" looks it's best!

Workers ensure the "brick carpet" looks it's best!

Top 6 toilet vistas

The toilet is somewhere that we all spend a lot time pondering and thinking. In fact, ChaCha has calculated that we spend on average up to 92 days on the toilet in our life, but where is the most breathtaking or picturesque toilet you have ever used? A trip to one of the following top 6 toilets will certainly leave you with a memory never to be forgotten!

1. Frankfurt’s Commerzbank

Located on the 49th floor of an 850ft building with full length glass windows these urinals are sure to give men a full vista to enjoy. Luckily, no other buildings in Frankfurt are anywhere nearly as high so you don’t have to worry about any peeping Tom’s!

Commerzbank toilet

Gents toilet in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank; picture:

2. Boston Bay Camp

Located in Washington state, near the Johannesburg mountain in the North Cascades national park. This has to be one of the world’s most picturesque places to take a few minutes break!

Boston Bay High Camp Toilet

Boston Bay High Camp Toilet

3. Alcatraz, San Fransisco Bay

During the 29 years that Alcatraz held some of the  most dangerous people there were 14 attempts to escape from the prison involving 36 inmates. Perhaps the guards used this toilet to good effect to scupper these attempted escapes! This unique toilet has a 360 degree view of San Fransisco Bay!

Alcatraz's guard tower toilet

Alcatraz’s guard tower toilet

4. Mount McKinley, Alaska

Even mountain climbers need to take a break from their climbing. This throne beats the other holes in the snow but offers little protection from the freezing drafts! I’m sure you’ll agree this is definitely the coolest toilet here! (sorry)

Toilet on Mount McKinley, Alaska

Toilet on Mount McKinley, Alaska

5. InterContinental hotel, Hong Kong

Located on the Kowloon waterfront, the Intercontinental boasts itself as Hong Kong’s most stylish hotel. The presidential suite offers incredible views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong island. The presidential suite is a massive 7000 square feet!

InterContinental presidential bathroom, Hong Kong

InterContinental presidential bathroom, Hong Kong

6. Mumin Papa Cafe, Japan

Located in Akashi, Japan, this restaurant has more to offer its customer’s than just its food. The toilet cost the restaurant about US$263,000 to build and is surrounded by exotic fish and a sea turtle. Apparently, some female guests have complained that the male sea turtle was a little too inquisitive!

Aquarium Toilet: Mumin Papa Cafe, Japan

Aquarium toilet: Mumin Papa Cafe, Japan

Tell us about any interesting or breathtaking toilets you’ve visited around the world. See Daily Mail for more information.

10 Funny For Sale signs!

Here at the Healthy Hideout, we understand that selling your home is a stressful time. You want the entire process to be over quickly whilst having as few hiccups as possible.

But let’s face it – Not all of us were born to sell. Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top 10 funny for sale signs along with some useful advice:

1. Make an effort – Remember that selling a property often involves a large sum of money exchanging hands. Why not increase your chances by making an effort?

Try and make an effort!

Try and make an effort - It'll increase your selling chances

2. Point out your positives – If you have certain highlights within your property, such as a pool, make sure potential buyers know this.

Got a pool? Make sure you advertise it!

Got a pool? Perhaps a games room? Make sure your buyers know.

3. Avoid confusion – Be clear with what your selling and at what price. Confusion will just lead to wasted time for both parties.

Be clear with what your selling!

Be clear with what your selling!

4. Proof read all selling literature – If you’re utilising external advertising mediums to promote your property, be sure to double check all your spelling and grammar before it’s published.

Promoting your property is key!

Promoting your property is key - The more people that see it the better.

5. Ensure estate agents are working for their fee – Keep tabs on your chosen estate agent or realtor, making sure they’re doing everything they can to help sell your property.

What am I buying here?

What exactly am I buying here?

6. Be Honest – When describing your property to potential buyers, it’s important to try and be as honest as possible. You’ll be saving precious time for both you and any interested onlookers.

Honesty is the best policy!

Honesty is the best policy!

7. Can’t Sell? Explore rental – If you’re having difficulty selling, always explore the option of putting your property up for rent. It’s a great way of keeping your property “lived in” and maintained, whilst providing you with a steady income.

Explore rental if you can't sell!

Explore rental if you can't sell.

8. Sign Placement – Although it may seem obvious be sure to place your sign where it can be seen, preferably in front of your property. This saves confusion and maximises potential.

Placing signage at the front of your property is best!

Placing a sign at the front of your property is best!

9. De-clutter your home – When potential buyers are walking around your property, they’ll constantly be visualising themselves living there to see if it truly works for them. Get rid of clutter and sell on items you don’t need. It’s also a great way to raise some extra funds for your move.

A garage sale can raise extra cash!

A garage sale can raise extra cash!

10. Promote the neighbourhood – Buyers like to know that a neighbourhood is going to be pleasant to live in. If you have friendly neighbours, it may be worth you introducing them to one another for added kudos!

Promote your friendly neighbourhood!

Promote your friendly neighbourhood!

5 Top Ways to beat SAD

With winter quickly on the approach and evenings getting darker, some of us will begin to feel the winter blues. Officially branded as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it seems none of us enjoy waking up in the dark for a day in the office or heading home whilst driving in the pitch black.

Here are the Healthy Hideout’s top 5 ways to beat the affects of SAD:

  1. Sleeping patterns – It’s important to try and get your body into a consistent sleeping pattern throughout the week including the weekends. Although it’s nice to have a lie in, repeatedly hitting the “snooze” button on Saturday morning may leave you feeling lethargic and more tired when the next working week arrives.
  2. Light therapy – Reduced exposure to natural light has been known to cause a chemical imbalance inside the brain which can leave us in a depressed mood along with a sense of fatigue and irratability. One unique suggestion is to invest in a “seasonal light box” for the side of your bed, which mimics the suns rise a little earlier, in the comfort of your own bed. There are many sizes and options available so you’re bound to find one that will suit your needs best.
  3. Food – The summer leaves many of us encouraged by the flurry of fresh fruit and veg available at that time of year. Try and keep your intake of fruit and veg up throughout the winter period, and maintain a healthy intake of complex carbs such as wholegrain rice, pasta and bread. The added sustenance will keep your energy levels high throughout the day.
  4. Exercise – Regular exercise produces endorphins – we all know this. Many of us will start to sway away from our regular exercise routines as the temperature begins to drop, but try to maintain them and your body will thank you for it. Many studies have shown how physical workouts can help improve sleep and muscle tension. If it helps, try moving your workout so that it takes place during the few daylight hours that we have – It’ll help lift your mood!
  5. Laugh it up! – Socialising is easily one of the best ways to help beat SAD. Meet up with friends on a regular basis, and don’t sit at home being a couch potato under a blanket. Laughter has been known to produce many psychological benefits, boosting your immune system and lowering the effects of stress. Coupled quite perfectly from the phrase “a happy worker is a productive worker,” you may find yourself quickly changing your attitude to winter.

Let’s end with a favourite to get us all smiling:

This is a Stick up!

This is a Stick up!

For more information on SAD, here’s a great book to get your hands on:

Indestructible Happy Meal!

Although fast food joints are not recommended as a regular means of sustenance due to the lack of fresh, organic ingredients and cooking methods used (good one’s do exist, I know this), this interesting find by one resident of New York proved to be quite an eye opener for most.

The Experiment

Manhattan vegan Sally Davies purchased a Happy Meal from her local McDonalds complete with small fries and began her work titled the “Happy Meal Project.” Sitting to one side on a shelf in her Manhattan apartment, Sally began to take daily photographs of the meal. “I bought the meal on April 10 of this year and brought it home with the express intention of leaving it out to see how it fared” said Sally, aged 54.

“I chose McDonald’s because it was nearest to my house, but the project could have been about any other myriad of fast food joints in New York. The first thing that struck me, was that after 2 days the food no longer emitted any smell. My dogs who circled the meal on the day I bought it, were no longer interested after 2 days”

Yummy! Just what the doctor ordered.

To the shock of Mrs Davies, the meal showed no signs of rotting or decomposing after a whopping two weeks. The experiment has now reached 6 months, with the food gaining a slight “acrylic sheen” to it. “The only change I’ve really noticed, is that it has become as hard as a rock.”

The Response

When approached and asked if their food was biodegradable or not, McDonald’s spokesperson Danya Proud said; “This is nothing more than an outlandish claim and is completely false.”

Head on over to the Daily Mail and make your own decision on the photographic evidence provided.

Now, what shall I have for lunch today – Any ideas?

Commonwealth boxer gains 2 kilos in sauna!

The Commonwealth games XIX has been beset with problems and the latest has struck the boxers.

When Jason Maloney, an Australian fighter stood on the scales to his shock he found that he was 700 grams over the weight limit. As is customary when aiming to make a weight category, the boxer went to the sauna to sweat off the extra 700 grams.

Commonwealth Games Logo

After sweating off the extra weight in the sauna the boxer returned to the scales only to find he had actually gained 2 kilos! The problem was soon clear when a 50Kg weight was checked on the scales and found to weigh 51.43 kilograms.

Anger and uproar rose as Australia’s assistant coach, Don Abnett bawled, “I have never seen this before, it is a farce. I thought last year when I witnessed a bloke win a fight with one arm I had seen it all, but this even tops that.” Australian official John Gatfield said that “there were coaches from every nation just shouting at officials saying, ‘we cannot go with this’.”

Luckily, the problem had been identified before the England team were due to be weighed. However, this episode puts a cloud over the event where 2 fighters had to lose weight unnecessarily. “It is ridiculous!” added Don Abnett. “Now we have boys who have lost too much weight which is not good.”

Tell us about any stories where you have tried to lose weight but inadvertently gained weight. For more information see The Mirror.