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Sensational Savona Steam Shower

Steam shower cabinets are quickly becoming recognised as a luxury alternative to the standard walk-in shower enclosure. However, many designs  don’t meet the needs of those looking for the minimalistic look in the bathroom. The Savona however, manages to effortlessly achieve this look whilst maintaining all the necessary features of a home steam shower enclosure.


Combining modernistic straight lines and European influenced style which a chic graphite coloured solid glass back, the Savona is guaranteed to take centre stage of any bathroom. Solid 8mm tempered safety glass make the 4 walls of the cabin, combined with a low profile artificial marble stone resin tray. This all glass construction and low tray gives the Savona a sense of openness, ensuring that it doesn’t overpower the room.


If that isn’t enough to entice you, the Savona is finished with a removable flooring panel and bench made from solid Teak. Teak is known for it’s natural water resistive properties so you know this cabin has been designed with the long term in mind. But if you do have any doubts, you’re covered for two years with Di Vapor’s standard 2 years parts warranty.

Click here for more information – The Savona exclusive to Di Vapor

Di Vapor unveils the new Modena!


New for Autumn 2015, Di Vapor has released a new all glass steam shower aptly named the Modena, due to the popularity of the similar Savona model. This sleek 900 x 900mm low profile 1 person steam shower can be fitted into a corner or fitted against the centre of the a wall. A large swinging glass door entrance mounted at the front provides an elegant finish to set off even the newest contemporary bathrooms.


The unit comes complete with an artificial marble low profile tray, and removable wooden bench so that you can remove it when not using the unit for steam maximising showering space. In addition to this, the Modena comes complete with everything required for the perfect spa escape including thermostatic valve controls for the overhead monsoon shower and handheld shower, hydro massage body jets, FM radio with MP3 & CD support and provision for aromatherapy.


A beautiful sleek unit suited for the latest bathroom renovations. For more information please visit the following link:


Singing in the Shower keeps you young!

As we begin to get older, some of us start to worry about grey hair, wrinkly skin and maintaining a healthy youthful physique. But one of the biggest signs of ageing is forgotten about – and that’s our voice. The voice muscles like all of our muscles need looking after, with many people over 65 suffering from voice problems and others left sounding older than they actually are.


Voice is produced by many different workings in the upper body. To form the sound of voice that we are familiar with, the muscles of the abdominal wall and rib cage squeeze the lungs, making them exhale breath. When airflow comes up the windpipe it passes through the vocal cords, causing them to vibrate creating a buzzing noise. At the same time, the larynx – or voice box as it commonly known – adjusts the tension of the chord producing pitch.

As you get older, these vital tissues become tired. But something as simple as singing in the shower every day can help decrease the speed of the ageing process.  This is one of the best ways to help preserve your voice, as it keeps the laryx muscles strong whilst the steam lubricates the voice box.

“Singing is gymnastics for voice” states Dr Andrew McCombe. “The control and neuro-muscular co-ordination you need means the voice is being used in a good way.” Joining a choir is one of the best ways to preserve a youthful tone, says Dr McCoombe. “Professional singers voices take longer to age as they muscles strong.”

So maintaining your youth may be as easy as belting out a few power ballads in the shower, just before your start your day.

Steam Showers pay for themselves!

Many of us do not need a reason to purchase a steam shower enclosure for our own home, as there are already many obvious explanations including health and relaxation benefits. One reason that may have already been overlooked by yourself and many others is how much financial gain you can get from installing a steam shower in your home. According to real estate experts, individuals who install steam showers or saunas can expect to gain back at least 5 times what you initially paid for it, increasing the overall value of your home.

The Cascade Duo – A popular 1200mm x 900mm corner model

In addition to this, having a steam shower or private home sauna immediately makes your home unique and compelling to buy. Luxury additions such as these are considered just that – Luxurious. If a potential buyer finds themselves torn between your home and another with very similar price tags, the inclusion of a sauna or steam room may be the exact thing that sways them towards you. Not only does it increase the overall value of your home, you improve the chances of selling your home quicker.

A typical freestanding steam shower enclosure combines standard showering features such as a shower head, with the added benefit of a steam generator. Users can then enjoy a 30 minute steam session followed by a cold invigorating shower to wash away all the toxins – All in the same space. There is no need to allocate the steam generator at another point in the house, as typically they are built onto the back of the unit itself. This results in a straightforward installation that’s completed at a fraction of the cost of a wet room.

Unlike a wet room, you dont’ need to worry about creating a water resistant enclosed area, inclusive of membrane and selective tiling. Furthermore, you need to ensure your door system is air tight to ensure that water and steam alike stays in the room. Creating a waterproof membrane can be quite costly, especially if not done correctly in the first place.

If you’re looking to add instant proven value to your home, consider the option of a steam shower enclosure when upgrading your bathroom. You’ll be benefitting both your body and your wallet.

Di Vapor Helping You to Keep Your New Years Resolution

Taming the bulge and losing weight is at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions. After a Christmas season of snacking, eating and drinking you may feel like you need to lose a few pounds; and you’re probably right! The most effective ways to lose that weight is to eat sensibly sized portions of healthy foods and to exercise. Healthy foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, grains, seafood, beans & legumes, spice & herbs, eggs & low fat dairy, poultry and lean meats. Integrating foods that have rich portions of necessary vitamins and minerals is important and should become part of a healthy diet. Please see the food pyramid below, recommended by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Even though the obvious ways to lose weight are to eat healthily and to exercise, some people may still find it hard to lose weight. This could potentially be because there are chemicals, toxins or heavy metals trapped in the fat cells in your body, which need to be excreted to continue with weight loss.

Even though the obvious ways to lose weight is to eat healthily and to exercise, some people may still find it hard to lose weight. This could potentially be because there are chemicals, toxins or heavy metals trapped in the fat cells in your body, which are actually hindering the boy’s natural weight loss process. These chemicals may need to be excreted to continue with weight loss.

Case Story: The following story has been shared by one of Di Vapor’s customers. A woman was severely overweight which was causing many health problems. As a result she went to the Doctor and subsequently the Doctor placed the woman on a weight loss plan. After a period of time the woman had lost a significant amount of fat and weight but she found her weight loss plateauing and found it very difficult to lose any further weight. She went back to the Doctor and shared the frustrating problem. The Doctor said the reason the woman was finding it difficult to lose any further weight was because there were chemicals, toxins and heavy metals inside her body which were hindering the natural weight loss process, and recommended the woman use an infrared sauna to rid her body of these free radicals.

It’s likely that the weight loss problem this woman had is also an undiagnosed problem of many other people who are trying to lose weight but can’t understand why they are finding it so difficult.

On top of the detoxification benefits, sitting in a Di Vapor sauna can burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. The heat inside a sauna causes the circulatory system to work harder, which burns calories.

Consider a Di Vapor steam shower or sauna to help aid in your weight loss and to keep you on track with your New Year’s resolutions.

4 reasons why you need a steam shower this Christmas

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a steam shower, and even if you haven’t, here are 4 great reasons why you should buy one:

1. Improve General Health

Steam showers enclosures are good for your health.  The hot steamy environment causes the core body temperature to increase, causing the user to sweat.  The body happens to use sweating as a way of both cooling itself and ridding itself of toxins that are harmful.  As a result, when we sweat in a steam shower, the body will push some of these toxins, which were sitting just under the skin, out of the body through the sweat and oil glands.

Steam Shower Enclosure

2. Improve Skin Appearance

The Finn’s have a saying, ‘You look your best 2 hours after a sauna‘.  The same principle applies to steam showers.  When you are relaxing in the steam, tiny capillaries which are at the surface of the skin are filled with blood.  This is in an attempt to eject heat out of the body, however the process has great benefits to the quality, look and complexion of the skin.  Along with the heat, the blood carries nutrients and oxygen which are life giving miracles to the skin, which make the skin look healthier, more vibrant and simply makes you look better.  Steam room benefits are many and varied.  Try it, you’ll see real results.

3. Reduce Stress

When stressed out, a lot of people find the best solution is to just get away from everything and relax, to clear their mind.  The steam shower not only causes great relaxation through the warmth which heats up the muscles of the body, it’s also a place where you can escape and be by yourself.  A perfect place to unwind and think.

4. Desirability of Your Home

Steam Showers
also add desirability to your home.  If you’re ever wanting to sell your home, owning a steam shower will certainly add desirability and value.  A steam shower shouldn’t be seen as a luxury but rather an investment into your home.  In the meantime you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

So there you have it; 4 fantastic reasons why you should buy a steam shower.