Home Spa Treatments: Aromatherapy

Many people misunderstand aromatherapy as a complex treatment that requires specific attention to mixtures, measurements and blends – but as home treatments go it really couldn’t be any easier. To get started, you first need to decide on what kind of “effect” you’re looking for and the type of aromas you enjoy. The wealth of market choice is extensive, with different types of scent to suit all tastes and needs. Some of the more popular scents include lavender, peppermint, lemon, thyme and jasmine all of which have relaxing or stimulative properties.

Where does it come from?

Aromatherapy utilises concentrated essences and oils taken from plants and other organic materials that can be blended with water or burned to release their aromatic properties. The scents released in the aroma helps to stimulate the part of your brain that processes smell, affecting the system that controls emotion – This helps to releases naturally relaxing endorphins. It’s these aromatic properties that so many people utilise for an endless array of health benefits.

What can aromatherapy do for me?

Aromatherapy has been known to help treat conditions such as stress, depression, sleep deprivation and digestive problems to name just a few. You can utilise aromatherapy oils in a number of ways such as adding a few drops to your relaxing bath or an oil burner in the home for an aroma infused atmosphere. Some luxury steam shower cabins utilise aromatherapy intakes as standard features, whilst some spa centres use aromatherapy oils with certain types of massage to help accentuate the sense of relaxation.

How do I get started?

Aromatherapy is something that anyone can try, as it’s relatively cheap to get started. All you need is an oil burner and an aromatherapy oil of your choice and you’re set to go. For more information on aromatherapy oils, there’s plenty of great reference books worth a read. To get you started, we’d recommend The Aromatherapy Bible by Gill Farrer-Halls – it’s packed full of great ideas and information on different essences and how they can effect you.

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