Top 10 ways to save time!

2011 is now in full swing, but for many of us it’s quite a busy time of year. Schools are starting back up, new targets have been set in the office, and many of us have started stringent exercise regimes to lose any “Christmas weight.” For many of us, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything finished.  Here are the Healthy Hideout top ten tips for saving time and getting things done;

We can't control time - The key is good time management!

We can't control time - The key is good time management!

  1. Spread the load – If you live with family or friends, it important to not hold yourself responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy living environment. Discuss with your fellow home dwellers ways to spread the workload. Nobody likes doing chores, but we do them because they need doing.
  2. There’s a place for that – Organisation around the home can save vast amounts for time when you really need it. Take the kitchen for example – Utensils you use often should be placed to hand whilst rarely used items should be stored away. Items you use all the time such as your keys, phone or laptop should be stored in the same place each day.
  3. Be e-efficient! – If like many of us you use a computer on a daily basis, try to incorporate some of the priceless time-saving keyboard short cuts into your regular usage.  “Hotkeys” can be set up to make certain programmes, documents or websites open with a simple press of a button.
  4. Walk & Talk – A good way to socialise whilst exercising is to organise a short walk with a friend or family member. In contrast to sitting down with tea or coffee, the walk will release endorphins which when combined with the fresh air can help you de-stress and sleep better.
  5. Utilise lists – Research has shown that people who start to incorporate “to-do” lists increase their productivity and start to feel immediately in more control. Write down tasks that need doing and tick them off as you complete them. This keeps you aware of your priorities whilst helping you feel in control of your life.
  6. Shop on line – On line shopping is quickly becoming the norm as it can save you both time and energy. Set aside an hour to do your grocery shopping on line and you’ll not only save time not having to travel to the supermarket, there’s no queuing and no hassle of crowds. Let the shops do the hard work for you!
  7. Learn to say no – Saying yes to everyone and everything means you’ll be committing time, and we often tend to take on more than we can handle. You often feel like your letting people down, but saying no when it matters important. Some say that “saying no without offending is an art” – The Healthy Hideout agrees!
  8. Hire some help – For some, having a cleaner all year round is simply not practical financially. If this is the case for you, why not consider hiring a cleaner over seasonal periods to help lighten the load. Get the professionals in for the jobs that require a little more time, such as garden work or cleaning the oven.
  9. Clear the clutter – A clutter-free home or working environment keeps you calm, helping you focus on certain things your supposed to be doing. It can also save you time by finding things quicker – efficiency is key.
  10. Be aware of time eaters – The internet provides us with a great informative resource, convenient at our fingertips for when we need it. However, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter can eat your valuable time. Try stopping yourself from using these sites regularly, and do something useful instead.

All of us at the Healthy Hideout know how important good time management is – And it can be difficult to keep on top of it. How do you manage your time?

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